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The parts below are linked to our online store. Complete assemblies cannot currently be bought online; click to our final drive finder or swing motor finder to investigate options and request a quote.

Kobelco Part Number Description
24100U1682S19 Kobelco Angular Ball Bearing OEM
24100U1682S4 Kobelco Needle Bearing Non-Gen
2425Z101D7 Kobelco Ball Bearing Non-Gen
2441U1040S9 Kobelco Shaft OEM
2441U1065S102 Kobelco Motor Shaft OEM
2441U1065S149 Kobelco Bearing Genuine
2441U1065S150 Kobelco Roller Bearing Genuine
2441U524S21 Kobelco Bearing Main Non-Gen
2441U532S129 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
2441U532S13 Kobelco Cover Circlip Genuine
2441U532S130 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
2441U532S16 Kobelco Taper Roller Bearing Genuine
2441U532S17 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
2441U532S18 Kobelco Cover Circlip OEM
2441U532S9 Kobelco Crankshaft OEM
2441U750S102 Kobelco Shaft Genuine
2441U750S21 Kobelco Ball Bearing OEM
2441U750S22 Kobelco Taper Roller Bearing Genuine
2441U750S23 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
2441U750S9 Kobelco Crankshaft OEM
2441U792S103 Kobelco Shaft OEM
2441U792S112 Kobelco Roller Bearing Non-Gen
2441U792S113 Kobelco Roller Bearing Non-Gen
2441U815S102 Kobelco Shaft Genuine
2441U815S103 Kobelco Swash Plate Genuine
2441U815S150 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
2441U815S16 Kobelco Shaft Genuine
2441U815S18 Kobelco Cover Circlip Genuine
2441U815S18-NABC Kobelco Cover Circlip OEM
2441U815S21 Kobelco Hub Bearing Genuine
2441U815S22 Kobelco Taper Roller Bearing Genuine
2441U815S23 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
2441U815S9 Kobelco Crankshaft Genuine
2441U82959 Kobelco Motor Shaft OEM
2441U829S149 Kobelco Ball Bearing Non-Gen
2441U829S150 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
2441U829S9 Kobelco Crankshaft Genuine
2441U831S150 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
2441U831S21 Kobelco Ball Bearing OEM
2441U831S22 Kobelco Taper Roller Bearing Genuine
2441U831S23 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Non-Gen
2441U942S19 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Non-Gen
2441U995S102 Kobelco Main Shaft Genuine
2441U995S149 Kobelco Roller Bearing Genuine
2441U995S150 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
2441U995S24 Kobelco Bearing Ball Genuine
2441U995S25 Kobelco Needle Bearing Genuine
2441U995S9 Kobelco Cluster Shaft Genuine
25Z539D7 Kobelco Bearing Non-Gen
25Z628D6 Kobelco Roller Bearing Non-Gen
25Z804D18 Kobelco Upper Bearing OEM
4J15U40S021 Kobelco Ball Bearing OEM
EN01W00009S123 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
LC10V00002S123 Kobelco Roller bearing Genuine
LC10V00010S124 Kobelco Needle Bearing Genuine
LC15VU0001S004 Kobelco Cover Set C/W Plugs, OEM
LF15V00002S009 Kobelco Crankshaft Genuine
LF15V00002S015 Kobelco Shaft with Coupling Genuine
LF15V00002S021 Kobelco Hub Bearing Genuine
LF15V00002S022 Kobelco Taper Roller Bearing Genuine
LF15V00002S102 Kobelco Shaft Genuine
LF15V00002S150 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
LP15V00001S149 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
LQ15V00005S004 Kobelco Needle Bearing OEM
LQ15V00007S042 Kobelco Motor Shaft OEM
LQ15V00007S055 Kobelco Ball Bearing Non-Gen
LQ15V00007S056 Kobelco Ball Bearing Non-Gen
LQ15V00007S077 Kobelco Bearing OEM
LQ15V00007S085 Kobelco Bearing Assy OEM
LQ15V00007S094 Kobelco Bearing OEM
LQ15V00020S085 Kobelco Needle Bearing OEM
PA15V01001S215 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
PH15V00002S119 Kobelco Bearing OEM
PH15V00009S021 Kobelco Bearing Genuine
PH15V00009S102 Kobelco Motor Shaft Genuine
PH15V00009S103 Kobelco Swash Plate Genuine
PH15V00012S013 Kobelco Cover Genuine
PH15V00012S024 Kobelco Main Bearing Genuine
PH15V00012S102 Kobelco Motor Shaft Genuine
PH15V00012S103 Kobelco Swash Plate Genuine
PM15V00004S003 Kobelco Hub Bearing OEM
PM15V00021S032 Kobelco Swash Plate Only OEM
PM15V01004S003 Kobelco Hub Bearing OEM
PV1500002S002 Kobelco Motor Shaft Genuine
PV15V00002S002 Kobelco Motor Shaft Genuine
PV15V00002S003 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
PV15V00002S005 Kobelco Swash Plate Genuine
PV15V00002S027 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
PV15V00005S003 Kobelco Hub Bearing Genuine
PV15V00005S010 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
PV15V00005S019 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
PV15V00018S032 Kobelco Swash Plate OEM
PV15V01005S019 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Non-Gen
PV15V01007S010 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
PV15V01007S019 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
PV15V01127P1 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Non-Gen
PW15V00018S021 Kobelco Hub Bearing Genuine
PW15V00018S103 Kobelco Swash Plate Genuine
PW15V00018S149 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
PW15V00018S150 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
PX15V00019S021 Kobelco Hub Bearing Genuine
PX15V00019S103 Kobelco Swash Plate Genuine
PX15V00019S149 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
PX15V00019S150 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
PX15V00025S024 Kobelco Main Bearing Genuine
PX15V00025S027 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
PX15V00025S102 Kobelco Motor Shaft Genuine
PX15V00025S103 Kobelco Swash Plate Genuine
PY15V00006S021 Kobelco Bearing Genuine
PY15V00006S102 Kobelco Shaft Genuine
S13000-06002 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
S13000-06004 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
S13000-06005 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
S13000-06203 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
S19031-06805 Kobelco Plate Swash Genuine
S19031-07927 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
S19031-08102 Kobelco Motor Shaft Genuine
S19031-08103 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
S19031-10202 Kobelco Motor Shaft Genuine
S19033-06802 Kobelco Motor Shaft Genuine
S19129-00703 Kobelco Main Bearing Genuine
S19129-00710 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
S19129-00719 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
S19129-02403 Kobelco Hub Bearing Genuine
S19129-02410 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
YA15V00001S103 Kobelco Swash Plate Genuine
YJ15V00002S021 Kobelco Ball Bearing OEM
YJ15V00002S149 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
YJ15V00007S023 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
YJ15V00007S103 Kobelco Swash Plate Genuine
YN15V00017S009 Kobelco Shaft, Travel Motor OEM
YN15V00037S024 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
YN15V00051S043 Kobelco Swash Plate OEM
YN32W01001P1 Kobelco Shaft OEM
YN32W01021P1 Kobelco Needle Bearing OEM
YN32W01030P1 Kobelco Upper Bearing OEM
YN53D00004S013 Kobelco Needle Bearing Non-Gen
YN53D00004S019 Kobelco Bearing Non-Gen
YN53D00008S019 Kobelco Bearing Genuine
YR32W00002S001 Kobelco Shaft Pinion OEM
YT15V00002S009 Kobelco Crankshaft Genuine
YT15V00002S150 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
YT15V00008S103 Kobelco Swash Plate Genuine
YT15V00012S003 Kobelco Bearing Genuine
YW15V00005S021 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
YW15V00005S102 Kobelco Motor Shaft Genuine
YW15V00005S103 Kobelco Swash Plate Genuine
YW15V00005S149 Kobelco Roller Bearing Genuine
YW15V00005S21 Kobelco Ball Bearing OEM
YX10V00003S123 Kobelco Roller Bearing Non-Gen
YX15V00003S023 Kobelco Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
YX15V00004S101 Kobelco Shaft Non-Gen
YX32W00002S401 Kobelco Bearing Non-Gen
YX32W00002S402 Kobelco Roller Bearing Non-Gen
YY15V00015S024 Kobelco Main Bearing Genuine
YY15V00015S102 Kobelco Motor Shaft Genuine
YY15V00015S103 Kobelco Swash Plate Genuine
YY15V00015S149 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine
YY15V00015S150 Kobelco Bearing Genuine
YY15V00035S149 Kobelco Ball Bearing Genuine