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The parts below are linked to our online store. Complete assemblies cannot currently be bought online; click to our final drive finder or swing motor finder to investigate options and request a quote.

Pel-Job Part Number Description
7415973 Pel-Job O-Ring Non-Gen
E7411289 Pel-Job Plug OEM
E7412206 Pel-Job Plug Genuine
E7415944 Pel-Job Sun Gear Genuine
E7416729 Pel-Job 1st Reduction Gear S OEM
E7416730 Pel-Job 2nd Reduction Gear OEM
E7416731 Pel-Job Cover OEM
E7416732 Pel-Job Sun Gear OEM
E7416733 Pel-Job Centering Ring Genuine
E7416735 Pel-Job Pad OEM
E7416736 Pel-Job Floating Seal Genuine
E7416737 Pel-Job O-Ring Non-Gen
E7416738 Pel-Job O-Ring Non-Gen
E7416740 Pel-Job Circlip OEM
E7416741 Pel-Job Snap Ring External Genuine
E7416742 Pel-Job Circlip Genuine
E7416743 Pel-Job Lock Ring Non-Gen
E7416745 Pel-Job Bearing OEM
Poclain Part Number Description
3457040009 Poclain Hydraulics Swash Plate OEM
6725990008 Poclain Hydraulics Universal Fitting Kit OEM
8830820190 Poclain Hydraulics Relief Valve Assy OEM
8830820220 Poclain Hydraulics Relief Valve Assy OEM
8830820265 Poclain Hydraulics Relief Valve Assy OEM
000836317Q Poclain Hydraulics Circlip OEM
005649617N Poclain Hydraulics seal kit Genuine
005949675N Poclain Hydraulics Oil Seal Kit Genuine
006149658L Poclain Hydraulics Seal Kit Genuine
006349601Q Poclain Hydraulics Seal Kit Genuine
20M16024-2 Poclain Hydraulics Swash Plate OEM
20M16026-5 Poclain Hydraulics Motor Shaft OEM
20M34024-1 Poclain Hydraulics Swash Plate OEM
20V0023-9 Poclain Hydraulics Retainer Plate OEM
A05291B Poclain Hydraulics Taper Bearing OEM
A07547D Poclain Hydraulics Taper Bearing OEM
A32704X Poclain Hydraulics Seal Kit OEM
MK04Valvekit Poclain Hydraulics Valve Seal kit Non-Gen