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Takeuchi Final Drive Parts - General

The Takeuchi excavator final drive parts below are linked to our online store. Complete assemblies cannot currently be bought online; click to our Takeuchi final drive motor finder or swing motor finder to investigate options and request a quote.

Takeuchi Final Drive Part Number Description
1100051435 Takeuchi Bolt Genuine
1220000035 Takeuchi Snap Ring External Non-Gen
1390010600 Takeuchi Steel Ball Non-Gen
1390020022 Takeuchi Ball Genuine
1390020250 Takeuchi Steel Ball Non-Gen
1421020120 Takeuchi Backup Ring Genuine
1421020150 Takeuchi Backup Ring Genuine
1421020160 Takeuchi Backup Ring Non-Gen
1421120300 Takeuchi Back Up Ring Non-Gen
1421130950 Takeuchi Backup Ring Genuine
1421131000 Takeuchi Back-Up Ri Genuine
1421131050 Takeuchi Back-Up Genuine
1421131100 Takeuchi Back-Up Ring Genuine
1421131150 Takeuchi Back-Up Rin Genuine
1421131200 Takeuchi Back Up Ring Non-Gen
1421131250 Takeuchi Back-Up Genuine
1421131450 Takeuchi Back- Genuine
1501810001 Takeuchi Plug Genuine
1501810002 Takeuchi Plug Genuine
1501810003 Takeuchi Plug OEM
1515600200 Takeuchi Adaptor Non-Gen
1515600576 Takeuchi 1/4" X 3/8" BSP M/M Non-Gen
1515600577 Takeuchi 3/8" BSP x 1/2" BSP Genuine
1901738851 Takeuchi Plug (NPTF 1/ Genuine
1901804213 Takeuchi Plug Genuine
1901810107 Takeuchi Back-Up Ring Non-Gen
1901810500 Takeuchi Counter Balance Valv Genuine
1903106843 Takeuchi Plug OEM
1903106846 Takeuchi Plug OEM
1903118932 Takeuchi Plug OEM
1903119513 Takeuchi Circlip Genuine
1903123306 Takeuchi Steel Ball Non-Gen
1903124968 Takeuchi Back-Up Ring Genuine
1903902947 Takeuchi Ring Non-Gen
1903902948 Takeuchi Ring Non-Gen
1903903628 Takeuchi Georoller Genuine
1903905413 Takeuchi Brake Disc Plate Fri Genuine
1903905815 Takeuchi Brake Disc OEM
1903905816 Takeuchi Plate OEM
1903906305 Takeuchi Piston Retainer Plat OEM
1903906306 Takeuchi Bowl OEM
1903907805 Takeuchi Plate OEM
1903907806 Takeuchi Cylinder Block Ass'y OEM
1903907903 Takeuchi Retainer Plate OEM
1903907904 Takeuchi Ball Guide OEM
1903907916 Takeuchi Motor Pin Genuine
1912900711 Takeuchi Inner Race OEM
1912900712 Takeuchi Washer Thrust OEM
1912900720 Takeuchi Inner Race Non-Gen
1912900723 Takeuchi Thrust Plate Genuine
1912900726 Takeuchi Wire OEM
1912900729 Takeuchi Thrust Plate OEM
1912900730 Takeuchi Thrust Plate OEM
1912900926 Takeuchi Wire OEM
1912905302 Takeuchi Pinion OEM
1912906204 Takeuchi Inner Race Non-Gen
1912906808 Takeuchi Plug Genuine
1912906811 Takeuchi Inner Race OEM
1912906820 Takeuchi Inner Race Non-Gen
05616-14100 Takeuchi Sprocket Genuine
11000-51435 Takeuchi Bolt Genuine
12200-00019 Takeuchi Snap Ring External Genuine
12200-00025 Takeuchi Snap Ring External Genuine
12200-00035 Takeuchi Snap Ring External Genuine
13900-00600 Takeuchi Steel Ball Genuine
13900-10600 Takeuchi Steel Ball Non-Gen
13900-20022 Takeuchi Ball Genuine
13900-20250 Takeuchi Steel Ball Genuine
14210-20101 Takeuchi Backup Ring Genuine
14210-20120 Takeuchi Backup Ring Genuine
14210-20140 Takeuchi Backup Ring Genuine
14210-20150 Takeuchi Backup Ring Genuine
14211-30900 Takeuchi Back-Up Ri Non-Gen
14211-30950 Takeuchi Backup Ring Genuine
14211-31000 Takeuchi Back-Up Ri Genuine
14211-31100 Takeuchi Back-Up Ring Genuine
14211-31150 Takeuchi Back-Up Rin Genuine
14211-31200 Takeuchi Back Up Ring Non-Gen
14211-31250 Takeuchi Back-Up Genuine
14211-31450 Takeuchi Back- Genuine
14215-20022 Takeuchi Back-Up Ring Non-Gen
14215-20239 Takeuchi Back-Up Ring Non-Gen
14215-20242 Takeuchi Solid Back Up Ring Non-Gen
15018-10001 Takeuchi Plug Genuine
15018-10002 Takeuchi Plug Genuine
15018-10003 Takeuchi Plug Genuine
15156-00200 Takeuchi Adaptor Non-Gen
15156-00576 Takeuchi 1/4" X 3/8" BSP M/M Non-Gen
15156-00577 Takeuchi 3/8" BSP x 1/2" BSP Genuine
19018-04213 Takeuchi Plug Genuine
19018-10107 Takeuchi Back-Up Ring Non-Gen
19018-10500 Takeuchi Counter Balance Valv Genuine
19030-08232 Takeuchi Plug Genuine
19031-03628 Takeuchi Plate Genuine
19031-06843 Takeuchi Plug Genuine
19031-06846 Takeuchi Plug OEM
19031-08655 Takeuchi Plug Genuine
19031-10220 Takeuchi Twin Speed Piston Sp Genuine
19031-18932 Takeuchi Plug OEM
19031-19513 Takeuchi Circlip Genuine
19031-20506 Takeuchi Ball Steel Genuine
19031-20598 Takeuchi Cylinder Block Ass'y Genuine
19031-23306 Takeuchi Steel Ball Genuine
19031-24920 Takeuchi Twin Speed Piston Sp Genuine
19031-24943 Takeuchi Plug Genuine
19031-24946 Takeuchi 2 Speed Fitting Genuine
19031-24968 Takeuchi Back-Up Ring Genuine
19031-24997 Takeuchi Base Plate Kit Genuine
19031-24998 Takeuchi Cylinder Block Ass'y Genuine
19039-02904-Kit Takeuchi Rotating Group Assy Genuine
19039-02907 Takeuchi Retainer Plate Genuine
19039-02909 Takeuchi Plate, Timing Genuine
19039-02947 Takeuchi Ring Genuine
19039-02948 Takeuchi Ring Genuine
19039-02953 Takeuchi Plate Genuine
19039-02961 Takeuchi Piston Ass'y Genuine
19039-03628 Takeuchi Georoller Genuine
19039-04076 Takeuchi Pivot OEM
19039-05815 Takeuchi Brake Disc OEM
19039-05816 Takeuchi Plate OEM
19039-06305 Takeuchi Piston Retainer Plat OEM
19039-06306 Takeuchi Bowl OEM
19039-06431 Takeuchi DU Bushing Genuine
19039-07805 Takeuchi Plate OEM
19039-07806 Takeuchi Cylinder Block Ass'y OEM
19039-07903 Takeuchi Retainer Plate Genuine
19039-07904 Takeuchi Ball Guide Genuine
19039-07908 Takeuchi Brake Spring Genuine
19039-07910 Takeuchi Friction Plate Genuine
19039-07911 Takeuchi Steel Plate Genuine
19039-07916 Takeuchi Motor Pin Genuine
19039-07917 Takeuchi Pivot OEM
19039-07998 Takeuchi Rotary Kit Genuine
19120-00315 Takeuchi Coupling Genuine
19120-00365 Takeuchi Brake Disc Plate Fri Genuine
19129-00711 Takeuchi Inner Race Genuine
19129-00712 Takeuchi Washer Thrust Genuine
19129-00720 Takeuchi Inner Race Genuine
19129-00723 Takeuchi Thrust Plate Genuine
19129-00726 Takeuchi Wire Genuine
19129-00729 Takeuchi Thrust Plate Genuine
19129-00730 Takeuchi Thrust Plate Genuine
19129-00912 Takeuchi Washer Genuine
19129-00920 Takeuchi Inner Race Genuine
19129-00926 Takeuchi Wire Genuine
19129-02411 Takeuchi Inner Race Genuine
19129-02412 Takeuchi Thrust Washer Genuine
19129-03712 Takeuchi Spacer (For Cranksha Genuine
19129-03714 Takeuchi Distance Piece Genuine
19129-03717 Takeuchi Pin Genuine
19129-03719 Takeuchi Bolt OEM
19129-05302 Takeuchi Pinion OEM
19129-05611 Takeuchi Inner Race Genuine
19129-05612 Takeuchi Thrust Washer Genuine
19129-05620 Takeuchi Inner Race Genuine
19129-06204 Takeuchi Inner Race Non-Gen
19129-06808 Takeuchi Plug Genuine
19129-06811 Takeuchi Inner Race Genuine
19129-06820 Takeuchi Inner Race Genuine
19129-08408 Takeuchi Coupling Genuine
19129-08412 Takeuchi 1/2" BSP Plug Genuine
19129-12219 Takeuchi Plug (Large Head) Non-Gen
19129-14827 Takeuchi Wire OEM
19300-10250 Takeuchi Steel Ball Non-Gen
TB070-Sprocket Takeuchi Sprocket Non-Gen