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The parts below are linked to our online store. Complete assemblies cannot currently be bought online; click to our final drive finder or swing motor finder to investigate options and request a quote.

Bonfiglioli Part Number Description
712710174 Bonfiglioli Ring Non-Gen
712712006 Bonfiglioli Ring -Nilos Non-Gen
712758079 Bonfiglioli Metric Taper Roller Non-Gen
713006052 Bonfiglioli Nut OEM
715300100 Bonfiglioli Quad Ring Non-Gen
715307251 Bonfiglioli O Ring Non-Gen
718006009 Bonfiglioli Washer Genuine
718006011 Bonfiglioli Gasket Genuine
718010009 Bonfiglioli Washer OEM
718291613 Bonfiglioli Snap Ring Non-Gen
718293013 Bonfiglioli Circlip Non-Gen
718293026 Bonfiglioli Circlip OEM
718293032 Bonfiglioli Circlip OEM
718293033 Bonfiglioli Snap Ring Non-Gen
718293051 Bonfiglioli Circlip OEM
718298015 Bonfiglioli Snap Ring External Genuine
718298022 Bonfiglioli Snap Ring External Genuine
718298052 Bonfiglioli Snap Ring External Non-Gen
718298069 Bonfiglioli Snap Ring External OEM
718298717 Bonfiglioli Snap Ring External Genuine
718299104 Bonfiglioli Snap Ring Non-Gen
718299106 Bonfiglioli Circlip Non-Gen
718299119 Bonfiglioli Lock Ring Non-Gen
718299129 Bonfiglioli Snap Ring Internal Non-Gen
720883013 Bonfiglioli Screw OEM
720965005 Bonfiglioli Bolt Genuine
720969004 Bonfiglioli Screw Genuine
720969010 Bonfiglioli Screw Genuine
720971022 Bonfiglioli Screw Non-Gen
720971026 Bonfiglioli Screw Non-Gen
722366102 Bonfiglioli Plug OEM
722366103 Bonfiglioli Plug Genuine
722366104 Bonfiglioli Plug Genuine
722366107 Bonfiglioli Plug Genuine
722366142 Bonfiglioli Plug OEM
722366151 Bonfiglioli Plug Genuine
722366155 Bonfiglioli Plug OEM
722369004 Bonfiglioli Back-up Ring Non-Gen
722369012 Bonfiglioli Parbak Back Up Ring Non-Gen
722369014 Bonfiglioli Parbak Back Up Ring Non-Gen
722369020 Bonfiglioli Parbak back up ring Non-Gen
722369022 Bonfiglioli Back-up Ring Non-Gen
722369023 Bonfiglioli Back-up Ring Non-Gen
722369028 Bonfiglioli Parbak Back Up Ring Non-Gen
722369032 Bonfiglioli Parbak Back-Up Ring Non-Gen
722369034 Bonfiglioli Back-up Ring OEM
722369035 Bonfiglioli Ring Non-Gen
722369038 Bonfiglioli Back Up Ring Non-Gen
722369041 Bonfiglioli Back Up Ring OEM
722369043 Bonfiglioli Parbak Backup Ring Non-Gen
722369044 Bonfiglioli Back-Up Ring Non-Gen
722369045 Bonfiglioli Back-Up Ring Non-Gen
722369049 Bonfiglioli Back Up Ring Non-Gen
722369051 Bonfiglioli Back Up Ring Non-Gen
722369068 Bonfiglioli Back-Up Ring Non-Gen
6630020260 Bonfiglioli Pinion OEM
6632590462 Bonfiglioli Spindle OEM
6632590950 Bonfiglioli Spindle Genuine
6632590951 Bonfiglioli Spindle Genuine
6632591230 Bonfiglioli Hub Genuine
6632591250 Bonfiglioli Spindle OEM
6635040080 Bonfiglioli Brake Piston OEM
6635060220 Bonfiglioli Brake Piston OEM
6640200110 Bonfiglioli Sprocket OEM
6641000421 Bonfiglioli Tooth Ring OEM
6641000460 Bonfiglioli Toothed Ring OEM
6641000480 Bonfiglioli Toothed Ring OEM
6641000900 Bonfiglioli Toothed Ring OEM
6641020250 Bonfiglioli Ring Toothed OEM
6641020251 Bonfiglioli Ring Toothed OEM
6646002610 Bonfiglioli Coupling OEM
6646002641 Bonfiglioli Coupling OEM
6646003330 Bonfiglioli Coupling OEM
6650004410 Bonfiglioli Hub OEM
6654503301 Bonfiglioli Flange Genuine
6654504790 Bonfiglioli G1 Motor Adaptor OEM
6654506540 Bonfiglioli J2 Motor Adaptor Pla OEM
6654507480 Bonfiglioli H6 Motor Adaptor OEM
6654508910 Bonfiglioli Motor Flange OEM
6654509160 Bonfiglioli J2 Motor Adaptor OEM
6660000141 Bonfiglioli Nut OEM
6660000340 Bonfiglioli Nut OEM
6660000380 Bonfiglioli Nut OEM
6660000470 Bonfiglioli Nut OEM
6660000480 Bonfiglioli Nut OEM
6660000640 Bonfiglioli Nut Genuine
6660001020 Bonfiglioli Nut OEM
6660001050 Bonfiglioli Nut OEM
6660001080 Bonfiglioli Nut OEM
6660300201 Bonfiglioli Spring Retainer Plat OEM
6660300291 Bonfiglioli Spring Retainer Plat OEM
6660500222 Bonfiglioli Centering Ring OEM
6660501060 Bonfiglioli Ring OEM
6660501061 Bonfiglioli Ring OEM
6660501800 Bonfiglioli Centering Ring OEM
6660501850 Bonfiglioli Centering Ring OEM
6660502870 Bonfiglioli Centering Ring OEM
6662002191 Bonfiglioli Spacer OEM
6662003470 Bonfiglioli Spacer OEM
6662003910 Bonfiglioli Spacer OEM
6662004450 Bonfiglioli Spacer OEM
6662004460 Bonfiglioli Spacer OEM
6662004570 Bonfiglioli Spacer OEM
6662005040 Bonfiglioli Spacer OEM
6662005410 Bonfiglioli Spacer OEM
6662005770 Bonfiglioli Spacer OEM
6662006350 Bonfiglioli Spacer OEM
6662006830 Bonfiglioli Spacer OEM
6662006930 Bonfiglioli Spacer OEM
6663350020 Bonfiglioli Pad OEM
6663350111 Bonfiglioli Pad OEM
6663350310 Bonfiglioli Pad OEM
6663350311 Bonfiglioli Pad OEM
6663350340 Bonfiglioli Pad OEM
6663350341 Bonfiglioli Pad OEM
6663800350 Bonfiglioli Disc OEM
6663810020 Bonfiglioli Spacer Genuine
6668050550 Bonfiglioli Toothed Ring OEM
6668060090 Bonfiglioli Spindle Assy OEM
6680000100 Bonfiglioli Brake Spring OEM
6680000110 Bonfiglioli Brake Spring OEM
6680000140 Bonfiglioli Brake Spring OEM
6680700040 Bonfiglioli Disc OEM
6680700060 Bonfiglioli Brake Plate OEM
6680700090 Bonfiglioli Brake Disk OEM
6680700100 Bonfiglioli Disc Steel OEM
6680700130 Bonfiglioli Steel Ring OEM
6680700150 Bonfiglioli Steel Disc OEM
6680900040 Bonfiglioli Disc OEM
6680900050 Bonfiglioli Sintered Brake Disk OEM
6680900080 Bonfiglioli Brake Disk OEM
6680900090 Bonfiglioli Disc Friction OEM
6680900130 Bonfiglioli Sintered Disc OEM
6680900140 Bonfiglioli Sintered Disc OEM
6680900150 Bonfiglioli Friction Disc OEM
6680900200 Bonfiglioli Sintered Disc OEM
6680900340 Bonfiglioli DISCO FRENO SINT 5" OEM
6681900060 Bonfiglioli Screw OEM
6682500640 Bonfiglioli Plug Genuine
6682500642 Bonfiglioli Plug Genuine
6682501820 Bonfiglioli Oil Breather Plug OEM
6682501880 Bonfiglioli Plug OEM
6683000050 Bonfiglioli Circlip Non-Gen
6683000060 Bonfiglioli Circlip Non-Gen
6684100451 Bonfiglioli Gauge Oil Level With OEM
6696900960 Bonfiglioli Manifold OEM
6696901510 Bonfiglioli Base Plate Assembly Genuine
6696920130 Bonfiglioli Twin Speed Spool Kit OEM
6696930220 Bonfiglioli Relief Valve Assy OEM
6696930730 Bonfiglioli Anticavit. Valve Ass OEM
6696930890 Bonfiglioli Anticavitation Valve OEM
6696950010 Bonfiglioli Brake Assy OEM
6696950110 Bonfiglioli Brake Assy OEM
6696950130 Bonfiglioli Brake Assy OEM
6696950150 Bonfiglioli Brake Assy OEM
6696950260 Bonfiglioli Brake Kit OEM
6696950350 Bonfiglioli Brake Kit Genuine
6698110020 Bonfiglioli Cylinder Block Ass'y OEM
6698110070 Bonfiglioli Cylinder Block Ass'y OEM
6698110090 Bonfiglioli Cylinder Block Ass'y OEM
6698110100 Bonfiglioli Cylinder Block Assy OEM
6698110130 Bonfiglioli Cylinder Block Ass'y OEM
6698110160 Bonfiglioli Cylinder Block Ass'y OEM
6698110170 Bonfiglioli Cylinder Block Ass'y OEM
6698110320 Bonfiglioli Cylinder Block Ass'y OEM
6698110330 Bonfiglioli Cylinder Block Ass'y OEM
6698938120 Bonfiglioli Back Up Ring Non-Gen
6698950002 Bonfiglioli Screw OEM
1T212200011 Bonfiglioli Valve OEM
1T212200020 Bonfiglioli Valve OEM
1T212200090 Bonfiglioli Valve OEM
1T212200121 Bonfiglioli Counterbalance Valve OEM
1T212800110 Bonfiglioli Valve OEM
2T100142100 Bonfiglioli Swing Machinery OEM
2T235334040 Bonfiglioli Carrier OEM
2T235534040 Bonfiglioli Carrier OEM
2T237470310 Bonfiglioli Hub (Includes Main B OEM
2T237470360 Bonfiglioli Hub (Includes Main B OEM
2T237470480 Bonfiglioli Hub (Includes Main B OEM
2T237470510 Bonfiglioli Body Kit OEM
2T237470550 Bonfiglioli Hub (Includes Main B OEM
2T237471202 Bonfiglioli Hub OEM
2T237471406 Bonfiglioli Hub (Includes Main B OEM
2T256608021 Bonfiglioli Swing Machinery OEM
2T256608040 Bonfiglioli Swing Machinery OEM
2T258408041 Bonfiglioli Reducer Genuine
2T258408042 Bonfiglioli Reducer Genuine
2T279200001 Bonfiglioli Relief Valve Assy OEM
2T279200002 Bonfiglioli Valve Plate OEM
2T279200005 Bonfiglioli Motor Block Ass'y OEM
2T279200013 Bonfiglioli Universal Fitting Kit OEM
2T279200040 Bonfiglioli Relief Valve Assy OEM
2T279200049 Bonfiglioli Motor Block Assy OEM
2T279200093 Bonfiglioli Valve Plate OEM
2T279994000 Bonfiglioli Output Assembly OEM
2T280004100 Bonfiglioli Hub (Includes Main B OEM
700T2-S004B16TVCBVCC Bonfiglioli Reducer Genuine
700T2-S004C16TVCBVCC Bonfiglioli Reducer Genuine
703T2K-F9FB219.6F044ID00 Bonfiglioli Swing Machinery OEM
706T2K-S002B17F085NP34TLDVABU22CCC Bonfiglioli Swing Machinery OEM
706T2K-S004A17F085NP37TLDVABU22CCC Bonfiglioli Swing Machinery OEM
712711051A Bonfiglioli Nilos Ring Non-Gen
714500010A Bonfiglioli Nut Non-Gen
718298015A Bonfiglioli Snap Ring External Genuine
718298022A Bonfiglioli Snap Ring External Genuine
718298032A Bonfiglioli Snap Ring External Non-Gen
718298035A Bonfiglioli Snap Ring External Non-Gen
718298037A Bonfiglioli Snap Ring External Non-Gen
718298041A Bonfiglioli Snap Ring External Non-Gen
718298045A Bonfiglioli Snap Ring External Non-Gen
718298078A Bonfiglioli Snap Ring Non-Gen
718298088A Bonfiglioli Circlip Non-Gen
718299106A Bonfiglioli Circlip Non-Gen
718299109A Bonfiglioli Circlip Non-Gen
718299119A Bonfiglioli Lock Ring Non-Gen
718299129a Bonfiglioli Snap Ring Internal Non-Gen
720954006A Bonfiglioli Screw OEM
720955005A Bonfiglioli Bolt Genuine
720956015A Bonfiglioli Screw Genuine
B0440-44013 Bonfiglioli Swing Machinery OEM
BRT00867 Bonfiglioli Toothed Ring OEM
BRT01206 Bonfiglioli Nut OEM
BRT01241 Bonfiglioli Spacer OEM
BRT01247 Bonfiglioli Toothed Ring OEM
BRT01327 Bonfiglioli Disc OEM
BRT01385 Bonfiglioli Nut OEM
BRT01391 Bonfiglioli Hub OEM
BRT01460 Bonfiglioli Counterbalance Valve OEM
CX1725825042 Bonfiglioli Thrust Pad OEM
CX1726804099 Bonfiglioli Bronze Disc OEM
CX20M16040 Bonfiglioli M18 Bl OEM
CX20V0023/9 Bonfiglioli Retainer Plate OEM
CX6.018730008 Bonfiglioli Motor Block Ass'y OEM
CX6018730008 Bonfiglioli Motor Block Ass'y OEM
CX67047300001 Bonfiglioli Motor Block Assy OEM
CX7878100003 Bonfiglioli GWP100 OEM
CX7878125004 Bonfiglioli GWP 125 Motor OEM
CX7878128004 Bonfiglioli GWP 125 Motor OEM
CX9010700000 Bonfiglioli Circlip Non-Gen
CX9510057600 Bonfiglioli Snap Ring Non-Gen
OK833673 Bonfiglioli Nut Non-Gen
PT0703T2K-F9FB219.6F044ID00 Bonfiglioli Swing Machinery OEM