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The parts below are linked to our online store. Complete assemblies cannot currently be bought online; click to our final drive finder or swing motor finder to investigate options and request a quote.

Hitachi Part Number Description
0251504 Hitachi Needle Bearing Genuine
0352208 Hitachi Ball Bearing Genuine
0352209 Hitachi Needle Bearing Genuine
0352210 Hitachi Bearing inner race Genuine
0376906 Hitachi Bearing Non-Gen
0397802 Hitachi Hub Bearing OEM
0397814 Hitachi Needle Roller Bearin Non-Gen
0397915 Hitachi Ball Bearing Genuine
0411401 Hitachi Motor Shaft OEM
0411408 Hitachi Swash Plate Ass'y OEM
0436401 Hitachi Motor Shaft Genuine
0436402 Hitachi Ball Bearing Genuine
0436404 Hitachi Swash Plate Genuine
0436415 Hitachi Ball Bearing Genuine
0436502 Hitachi Hub Bearing Genuine
0436506 Hitachi Needle Roller Bearin Non-Gen
0436513 Hitachi Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
0444102 Hitachi Ball Bearing Genuine
0444207 Hitachi Ball Bearing Non-Gen
0472301 Hitachi Swash Plate Genuine
0476704 Hitachi Bearing Genuine
0628205 Hitachi Taper roller bearing Non-Gen
0629801 Hitachi Motor Shaft OEM
0664909 Hitachi Bearing OEM
0692801 Hitachi Motor Shaft OEM
0692803 Hitachi Ball Bearing Non-Gen
0692804 Hitachi Bearing Non-Gen
0693002 Hitachi Main Bearing OEM
0693005 Hitachi Needle Bearing Non-Gen
0732204 Hitachi Bearing OEM
0750102 Hitachi Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
0750108 Hitachi Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
0799701 Hitachi Motor Shaft OEM
0799702 Hitachi Ball Bearing Non-Gen
0809501 Hitachi Shaft OEM
0809504 Hitachi Bearing Genuine
0809505 Hitachi Bearing Non-Gen
931500 Hitachi Ball Bearing Non-Gen
1185403 Hitachi Needle Roller Bearin OEM
3088756 Hitachi Motor Shaft Genuine
3095560 Hitachi Motor Shaft Genuine
4092967 Hitachi Ball bearing OEM
4108021 Hitachi Needle Bearing Genuine
4113606 Hitachi Bearing Non-Gen
4177007 Hitachi Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
4183108 Hitachi Needle Bearing Non-Gen
4190117 Hitachi Needle Bearing Non-Gen
4192639 Hitachi Main Bearing Genuine
4192976 Hitachi Needle Bearing Non-Gen
4193401 Hitachi Ball Bearing Non-Gen
4193402 Hitachi Ball Bearing Non-Gen
4199072 Hitachi Roller Bearing Non-Gen
4210849 Hitachi Needle Roller Bearin Non-Gen
4234840 Hitachi Needle Bearing Non-Gen
4240716 Hitachi Bearing Genuine
4246786 Hitachi Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
4246793 Hitachi Bearing Genuine
4250923 Hitachi Bearing Genuine
4252658 Hitachi Needle Bearing Genuine
4281798 Hitachi Bearing Non-Gen
4317121 Hitachi Needle Roller Bearin Non-Gen
4317122 Hitachi Needle Roller Bearin Non-Gen
4343872 Hitachi Bearing Genuine
4351748 Hitachi Needle Bearing Non-Gen
4354278 Hitachi Needle Bearing Genuine
4387383 Hitachi Needle Bearing Non-Gen
4427427 Hitachi Bearing Genuine
4442788 Hitachi Needle Bearing Genuine
4600133 Hitachi Bearing Genuine
4622945 Hitachi Taper Bearing Non-Gen
4631910 Hitachi Needle Roller Bearin Genuine
4697840 Hitachi Bearing Genuine
9725076 Hitachi Shaft Genuine
71402011 Hitachi Bearing Genuine
71402029 Hitachi Bearing Non-Gen
71402056 Hitachi Shaft Genuine
71402143 Hitachi Needle Bearing Non-Gen
71402426 Hitachi Bearing Non-Gen
71402740 Hitachi Roller Bearing Non-Gen
71402788 Hitachi Needle Bearing Genuine
71411805 Hitachi Motor Shaft OEM
71411817 Hitachi Roller Bearing Non-Gen
71418381 Hitachi Cover Set C/W Plugs, OEM
71433956 Hitachi Motor Shaft OEM
71447292 Hitachi Needle Bearing Non-Gen
71447293 Hitachi Bearing inner race Non-Gen
71468770 Hitachi Motor Shaft Genuine
71469056 Hitachi Bearing Genuine
71469072 Hitachi Needle Roller Bearin Non-Gen
71474249 Hitachi Bearing Non-Gen
A4246793 Hitachi Bearing Genuine
E0887902 Hitachi Cover Ass'y Genuine
E0887912 Hitachi Bearing Genuine
E0888002 Hitachi Motor Shaft Genuine
E0888402 Hitachi Cover Assy Genuine
E0888410 Hitachi Main Bearing Genuine
E0888502 Hitachi Motor Shaft Genuine
H4302755 Hitachi Bearing Genuine
H9302744 Hitachi Cover Genuine
L0341006206 Hitachi Ball Bearing Non-Gen
Y408597 Hitachi Roller Bearing Non-Gen
Y408625 Hitachi Hub Bearing OEM