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Final Drive Technical Assistance

Maintenance of Your New Final Drive

Care and attention in the initial servicing of your new final drive will repay dividends in extending the life of your drive, saving money in repairs, and keeping your equipment running more efficiently. This 6 point plan for the initial servicing of a new final drive will maximise its life.

Final Drive Seal Replacement

At some point in the life of a final drive there will be a need to replace your final drive seal . These seals are variously known as floating seals, lifetime seals or duo cone seals. They have an average life expectancy between 4000-12000 hours, depending on:

Why Does An Excavator Sometimes Have One Track Faster?

There are several reasons why this happens, and conversely of course, why one excavator travel motor is slow compared to the other. Here are 8 that are the most relevant.

Making Correct Hydraulic Drive Motor Connections

Making incorrect hydraulic drive motor connections can at worst destroy the final drive. This post will help identify the hydraulic connections relevant to different types of machine.

Bolt Torque Settings

This article isn't about excavator final drive removal, or even final drive disassembly. This is just a simple reminder about correct bolt torque settings when you come to re-assemble a final drive unit.

If you don't have a metric torque wrench then buy one! This prevents the expensive mistakes that arise from using charts to calculate torque specifications for bolts.

Excavator Final Drive Removal and Replacement

Here are some tips to help with excavator final drive removal and correct connection of the hydraulic hoses.

Excavator Final Drive Problems

Here are some basic tips and pointers to help with final drive troubleshooting.

Final Drive Servicing

Don’t know how best to service your final drive? Here's some guidance to help.