The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Daewoo Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Daewoo 00RBG100 O-Ring Daewoo 2101-1008 Sun Gear

Daewoo 00RBG85 O-Ring Daewoo 2101-1018A GEAR: COUPLING

Daewoo 00RWG31 O-Ring Daewoo 2101-1019G Cluster Gear

Daewoo 00RWG36 O-Ring Daewoo 2101-1020C Sun Gear

Daewoo 066181 Ring Gear (A) Daewoo 2104-1009G Ring Gear No.2

Daewoo 0BP12U Plug Daewoo 2109-1041 Bearing

Daewoo 1.109-00128 Taper Roller Be Daewoo 2109-1043D1 Thrust Bearing

Daewoo 1.109-00145 Needle bearing Daewoo 2109-1043D2 Thrust Bearing

Daewoo 1.114-00007 Thrust Collar 4 Daewoo 2109-9043 Hub Bearing

Daewoo 1.114-00541 Thrust Collar Daewoo 2109-9043KBC Hub Bearing

Daewoo 1.148-00015 Thrust Ball Daewoo 2109-9043KOYO Hub Bearing

Daewoo 1.180-00162 ORING 323 OD X Daewoo 2109-9043NACH Hub Bearing

Daewoo 1.180-00511 Floating Seal Daewoo 2109-9043NSK Hub Bearing

Daewoo 1.230-00001 Carrier Daewoo 2109-9043NTN Hub Bearing

Daewoo 1.402-00127 Ring Gear Daewoo 2112-1248A Drive Shaft

Daewoo 1.403-00024 Cluster Gear - Daewoo 2112-1248B Drive Shaft

Daewoo 1.404-00007 Cluster gear Daewoo 2112-1248C Drive Shaft

Daewoo 1.412-00070 Plate - Mating Daewoo 2114-1875 Thrust Washer

Daewoo 1.452-00004 Piston Assy Daewoo 2115-9009B Snap Ring

Daewoo 108065B Plug Daewoo 2144-1004C Thrust Plate

Daewoo 109-00104 Needle Bearing Daewoo 215815 Bearing Ball

Daewoo 109-00105 Needle Bearing Daewoo 21623175472-01 Floating Seal

Daewoo 109-00106 Bearing Daewoo 21623175541-01 Floating Seal

Daewoo 109-00144 Needle Bearing Daewoo 2180-7134 Floating Seal

Daewoo 119885E Retainer Plate Daewoo 2180-9155 Floating Seal

Daewoo 120F2013-0000 Spring (For Par Daewoo 2184-1126D7 Adaptor - 3/8"

Daewoo 121320 Drive Gear Daewoo 221-00005 Piston Assy

Daewoo 129-00054 Cylinder Spring Daewoo 228561C Floating Seal

Daewoo 131132 Spindle Daewoo 229124 Taper Roller Be

Daewoo 131136A RV Gear A Daewoo 2401-6036 Final Drive

Daewoo 131137A R V Gear B Daewoo 2401-6292A Travel Motor

Daewoo 141765 Carrier no.1 Daewoo 2401-6357B Final Drive

Daewoo 150F2007-0102 Retainer Plate Daewoo 2401-6357C Final Drive

Daewoo 150F2015-0002 Friction Plate Daewoo 2401-9036 Final Drive

Daewoo 150F9100-01 Seal Kit Daewoo 2401-9037A Final Drive

Daewoo 170401-00079B Final Drive Daewoo 2401-9040 Final Drive

Daewoo 180-00210 Floating Seal Daewoo 2401-9066B Final Drive

Daewoo 180-00338 Oil Seal Daewoo 2401-9082A Final Drive

Daewoo 181D1126D6 1/2" BSP M/M Daewoo 2401-9082K Seal Kit

Daewoo 1BG-40 O-Ring Daewoo 2401-9090 Final Drive

Daewoo 1BG-45 O-Ring Daewoo 2401-9116K Seal Kit

Daewoo 2.109-00298 Ball Bearing Daewoo 2401-9121 Final Drive

Daewoo 2.120-00738 Reamer Bolt Daewoo 2401-9121A Final Drive

Daewoo 2.180-00158 Floating Seal Daewoo 2401-9140 Final Drive

Daewoo 2.180-01036 Back-Up Ring Daewoo 2401-9145A Travel Motor

Daewoo 2.403-00303 Spur Gear Kit Daewoo 2401-9204 Final Drive

Daewoo 2.403-00326 Sun Gear Daewoo 2401-9229 Final Drive

Daewoo 2.405-00214 Shaft Daewoo 2401-9232B Final Drive

Daewoo 200F1033-00 Ball Bearing Daewoo 2401-9234KT Seal Kit

Daewoo 201630 O-Ring Daewoo 2401-9259 Travel Motor

Daewoo 201675 O-Ring Daewoo 2401-9264 Final Drive

Daewoo 20366-99838 Floating Seal Daewoo 2401-9264B Final Drive

Daewoo 20461-45201 O-Ring Daewoo 2401-9264C Final Drive

Daewoo 20465-28600 Motor Assemebly Daewoo 2401-9269 Final Drive

Daewoo 2046A-35174 Seal Kit Daewoo 2401-9287 Final Drive

Daewoo 20946-82707 Floating Seal Daewoo 2401-9287B Final Drive

Daewoo 2094A-65134 Seal Kit Daewoo 2401-9287KT Seal Kit
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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