The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Kobelco Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Kobelco 2271402000501 Rivet Kobelco 2441U1040S13 Holder

Kobelco 2401P1158 Pin Kobelco 2441U1040S16 O-Ring

Kobelco 2401P1160 Pin Kobelco 2441U1040S19 Cover

Kobelco 24100J10364F1 Planetary Assem Kobelco 2441U1040S24 Piston Seal

Kobelco 24100J11090F3 Final Drive Kobelco 2441U1040S29 Spring - Piston

Kobelco 24100N5661F1 Final Drive Kobelco 2441U1040S31 Metric Taper Ro

Kobelco 24100N5661F2 Final Drive Kobelco 2441U1040S32 Metric Taper Ro

Kobelco 24100U1079F1 Final Drive Kobelco 2441U1040S34 Shim

Kobelco 24100U1442F1 Gearbox Kobelco 2441U1040S35 Parallel Pin

Kobelco 24100U1682S10 Sun Gear Kobelco 2441U1040S40 O-Ring

Kobelco 24100U1682S13 Needle Bearing Kobelco 2441U1040S5 Friction Plate

Kobelco 24100U1682S14 Planetary Gear Kobelco 2441U1040S6 Brake Piston

Kobelco 24100U1682S16 Thrust Washer Kobelco 2441U1040S7 Separator Plate

Kobelco 24100U1682S18 Housing Kobelco 2441U1040S9 Shaft

Kobelco 24100U1682S19 Angular Ball Be Kobelco 2441U1065R130 Floating Seal

Kobelco 24100U1682S2 Carrier No 1 Kobelco 2441U1065R440 Cylinder Block

Kobelco 24100U1682S20 Shim Kobelco 2441U1065S102 Motor Shaft

Kobelco 24100U1682S21 Lock Washer Kobelco 2441U1065S115 Disc

Kobelco 24100U1682S22 Support Ring Kobelco 2441U1065S135 O-Ring

Kobelco 24100U1682S4 Needle bearing Kobelco 2441U1065S139 O-Ring

Kobelco 24100U1682S5 Thrust Washer Kobelco 2441U1065S15 Coupling

Kobelco 24100U1682S6 Planetary Gear Kobelco 2441U1065S167 Pivot

Kobelco 24100U1682S9 Sun Gear Kobelco 2441U1065S19 Bolt

Kobelco 24100U1743S24 Floating Seal Kobelco 2441U1065S21 Bearing

Kobelco 24100U84S25 Oil Seal Kobelco 2441U1079F1 Final Drive

Kobelco 241U994R100 Rear Flange Kobelco 2441U496F1 Final Drive

Kobelco 2425R176 Bearing Kobelco 2441U496S39 Spring

Kobelco 2425R21 Nachi Bearing 3 Kobelco 2441U496S42 Plate

Kobelco 2425R217 Bearing Kobelco 2441U524F1 Final Drive

Kobelco 2425Z101D7 Ball Bearing Kobelco 2441U524S10 Distance Piece

Kobelco 2425Z555 Needle Roller Kobelco 2441U524S109 Plate

Kobelco 2436R1923F1 Relief Valve Kobelco 2441U524S115 Disc Plate - Fr

Kobelco 2436R1924F1 Pilot Valve Ass Kobelco 2441U524S132 Oil Seal

Kobelco 2436R612S13 O-Ring Kobelco 2441U524S151 Spring

Kobelco 2436R874S3 Connector Kobelco 2441U524S20 Snap Ring

Kobelco 2436R874S5 Spring Holder Kobelco 2441U524S21 Bearing Main

Kobelco 2436R874S6 Pin Kobelco 2441U524S24 Taper Roller Be

Kobelco 2436R874S7 Spring Kobelco 2441U524S30 O-Ring

Kobelco 2436U1027S209 Screw Kobelco 2441U524S31 Floating Seal

Kobelco 2436U1123S14 Orifice Kobelco 2441U525F1 Final Drive

Kobelco 2436U1139S10 Plug Kobelco 2441U532F1 Final Drive

Kobelco 2436U1317S13 Plug Kobelco 2441U532R200 RV Gear Ass'y

Kobelco 2436U1384S8 Restrictor Kobelco 2441U532S1 Hub

Kobelco 2436U1427S25 Plug Kobelco 2441U532S10 Distance Piece

Kobelco 2436U1445F1 Brake Valve Kobelco 2441U532S102 Shaft

Kobelco 2436U1749S17 Plug Kobelco 2441U532S103 Swash Plate

Kobelco 2436U1749S18 Plug Kobelco 2441U532S104-Kit Rotating Group

Kobelco 2436U279S3 Plug Kobelco 2441U532S107 Retainer Plate

Kobelco 2438U1806S33 O-Ring Kobelco 2441U532S108 Ball, Thrust

Kobelco 2438U988S19 Steel Ball Kobelco 2441U532S109 Plate, Timing

Kobelco 2441U1029F1 Final Drive Kobelco 2441U532S11 Piece

Kobelco 2441U1030R100 Piston Assembly Kobelco 2441U532S110 Washer

Kobelco 2441U1030R200 Swash Plate Kobelco 2441U532S112 Brake Piston

Kobelco 2441U1030S1 Casing Kobelco 2441U532S113 Brake Spring

Kobelco 2441U1030S2 Cover (RR) Kobelco 2441U532S115 Brake Disc Plat

Kobelco 2441U1030S3 Cylinder Block Kobelco 2441U532S116 Brake Plate

Kobelco 2441U1040S10 Coupling Kobelco 2441U532S12 Pin
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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