The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Rexroth Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Rexroth 00107891 Usit Ring Rexroth A10VEC45DG/52W23VR Hydraulic Motor

Rexroth 00514497 O-Ring F811C05-S1071

Rexroth 00514691 O-Ring Rexroth A10VEC45DG/52WXX- Hydraulic Motor


Rexroth 00776939 Snap Ring

Rexroth A10VEC45HZ/52W30- Hydromotor

Rexroth 00905440 O-Ring PRF811C04S

Rexroth 00985471 Oil Seal Rexroth A10VEC80HZ6/52W44- Motor Assy

Rexroth 02405481 Motor Assy VRF811C04-SO548

Rexroth 02601553 O-Ring Rexroth A16VE80HZ/62W0490/N Final Drive

Rexroth 02650697 Plug HL221B

Rexroth 09154608 TAPERED-ROLLER Rexroth A2FE125/61W VAL 100 Hydraulic Motor

Rexroth 09154986 O-Ring Rexroth A2FE160/61W-PZL10 Hydraulic Motor

Rexroth 09156194 TAPERED-ROLLER Rexroth A2FE32/61W-VAL100 Hydraulic Motor

Rexroth 09830383 Oil Seal Rexroth A2FE45 Motor

Rexroth 09831230 O-Ring Rexroth A2FE63/61W Hydraulic Motor

Rexroth 11003385670 Brake Friction Rexroth A2FE80/61W-PAL100 Hydraulic Motor

Rexroth 1100338576 LD1000C Steel m Rexroth A2FE80/61W-VAL100 Hydraulic Motor

Rexroth 11003385760 LD1000C Steel m Rexroth A2FE90/61W Hydraulic Motor

Rexroth 1100477598 D-Ring - 199.8 Rexroth A2FE90/61W PAL Hydraulic Motor

Rexroth 16106331 Hydraulic Motor Rexroth A2FE90/61WPAL Hydraulic Motor

Rexroth 16411721 Roller Bearing Rexroth A2FE90/61W-VAL100 Hydraulic Motor

Rexroth 16423023 Pressure spring Rexroth A6V172-Barrel Motor Block

Rexroth 16444169 Plug Rexroth A6VE107HZ3/63W- Final Drive


Rexroth 16452289 Snap Ring

Rexroth A6VE160HA3T/63W- Motor Assy

Rexroth 16461643 Supporting Ring VZL221B-S

Rexroth 16461704 Piston Seal Rexroth A6VE160HA3T/63W- Motor Assy

Rexroth 16461725 Piston Seal VZL22XB-S

Rexroth 16461727 Supporting Ring Rexroth A6VE160HZ3/63W- Hydrualic Motor

Rexroth 16463068 O-Ring VZL222B-S

Rexroth 16463252 O-Ring Rexroth A6VE55HD2/63W- Motor


Rexroth 16463253 O-Ring Rexroth A6VE80HD1/60W0500 Hydraulic Motor

Rexroth 16463436 Floating Seal Rexroth A6VE80HZ3/63W- Hydraulic Motor

Rexroth 16463437 Floating Seal VAL020B

Rexroth 16463440 Floating Seal Rexroth A6VE80HZ3/63W- Motor

Rexroth 16463483 O-Ring VHL2XXB-S

Rexroth 16463518 Floating Seal Rexroth A6VM107HA1TA/63W- Wheel Motor

Rexroth 16463547 Floating Seal VZB370X-SK

Rexroth 16567671 Floating Seal Rexroth AA10VM45DG/51W- Motor Assy


Rexroth 16569322 Final Drive Rexroth GFT 060T3.3189 Final Drive

Rexroth 16936813 1st Sun Gear Rexroth GFT 060T3.7252 Final Drive

Rexroth 16936817 Input Shaft Rexroth GFT 060T3.9224 Final Drive

Rexroth 25221674 A6VE160 Motor Rexroth GFT075.T3.1082 Final Drive

Rexroth 463501 Floating Seal Rexroth GFT100 Final Drive

Rexroth 50C2506100 Brake Friction Rexroth GFT110.T3.9309 Final Drive

Rexroth 50C2506200 LD1000C Steel m Rexroth GFT110T39309 Final Drive

Rexroth 900409120 Brake Friction Rexroth GFT130 Final Drive

Rexroth 916103022 Outer Disc Rexroth GFT13013/1044 Final Drive

Rexroth 916452295 Retaining Ring Rexroth GFT16.EA4F56B055 Final Drive

Rexroth 916461570 Thrust Ring Rexroth GFT160-T3-1025 Final Drive

Rexroth 916463509 Floating Seal Rexroth GFT160-T3-1048 Final Drive

Rexroth 921853798 Brass Bush Rexroth GFT17.T2.3311 Final Drive

Rexroth 921854498 Seal Kit Rexroth GFT17.T2.9425 Final Drive

Rexroth 9416951 Hydraulic Motor Rexroth GFT17.T3.5434 Final Drive

Rexroth 9419867 Hydraulic Motor Rexroth GFT17.T3.9054 Final Drive

Rexroth A10FE45/52W-VRF- Hydraulic Motor Rexroth GFT17.T3.9108 Final Drive

60N000-SO163 Rexroth GFT17.T3.9108 Final Drive

Rexroth A10VE45EZ6/S2W1- Motor Assy (Ele Rexroth GFT17T31332 Final Drive

VRF60N000-S2619 Rexroth GFT17T39054 Final Drive
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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