The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Samsung Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Samsung 1014-00039 2nd Sun Gear Samsung 8230-21440 Pin

Samsung 1036-00060 Housing Samsung 8230-21450 Ball Bearing

Samsung 1036-00320 Hub Bearing Samsung 8230-21460 Spindle Kit (GM

Samsung 1043-00060 Final Drive Samsung 8230-21470 RV Gear Assy

Samsung 1043-00700 Final Drive Samsung 8230-21480 Spur Gear Kit

Samsung 1043-00840 Final Drive Samsung 8230-21630 Cylinder Block

Samsung 1043-01670 Final Drive Samsung 9011-11609 Hew screw

Samsung 1043-02630 Complete Final Samsung 9324-21617 Pin

Samsung 1081-03710 Sprocket Samsung SA14505077 Nut

Samsung 1143-00010 Final Drive Samsung SA8230-15140 Piston Ass'y

Samsung 12952 Bearing Ball Samsung SA8230-21410 Input Gear

Samsung 2830-26460 Needle Roller Samsung SA8230-23420 Plate, Timing

Samsung 610B1006-0101 Gear Planetary Samsung SA8230-30660 Ball Bearing

Samsung 632590950 Spindle Samsung SA8230-33140 Motor Shaft

Samsung 633030830 Brake Shaft Samsung SA8230-33730 Oil Seal

Samsung 635060150 Brake Piston Samsung SA9011-11609 Hew screw

Samsung 641010110 Crown-Toothed Samsung SA9324-21617 Pin

Samsung 641020150 Crown-Toothed

Samsung 642010410 1st Planetary G

Samsung 642020320 2nd Planetary G

Samsung 642040070 3rd Redcution G

Samsung 643010430 1st Sun Gear

Samsung 643020590 2nd Sun Gear

Samsung 643040150 3rd Sun Gear -

Samsung 650003010 Housing

Samsung 653001540 Cover

Samsung 654505390 Motor Adaptor

Samsung 655505210 3rd Reduction C

Samsung 655505230 1st Reduction C

Samsung 655505380 2nd Reduction C

Samsung 660300410 Spring Disc

Samsung 660300420 Spring Retainer

Samsung 660501720 Ring-Centre

Samsung 660501730 Ring-Centre

Samsung 661000440 Bush

Samsung 663350310 Pad - Thrust

Samsung 680000100 Brake Spring

Samsung 680700060 Brake Plate

Samsung 680900050 Sintered Brake

Samsung 7117-15000 Drive Unit Trac

Samsung 7117-15210 Coupling

Samsung 7117-30000 Track Motor Ass

Samsung 7117-34000 Final Drive

Samsung 7118-38010 Final Drive

Samsung 712769107 2nd Planetary B

Samsung 712769154 3rd Reduction B

Samsung 718298037 Circlip

Samsung 718298041 Circlip

Samsung 718299168 Circlip

Samsung 720956002 Screw

Samsung 720965010 Screw

Samsung 721769103 1st Planetary B

Samsung 722361007 Bearing

Samsung 8230-10350 Travel Motor

Samsung 8230-21400 Hub (GM35VL)

Samsung 8230-21420 Gearbox Cover

Samsung 8230-21430 Distance- (Spac
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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