The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Sumitomo Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Sumitomo 108R010Z025B Capscrew Sumitomo LE012900 O-Ring

Sumitomo 108R018Y110N Capscrew Sumitomo LE012910 O-Ring

Sumitomo 108R018Y110R Capscrew Sumitomo LEM0019 Floating Seal

Sumitomo 108R018Z050B Capscrew Sumitomo LG00429 Spring, Check V

Sumitomo 154447A1 O-Ring Sumitomo LG00430 Spring - Piston

Sumitomo 154569A1 O-Ring Sumitomo LG00431 Spring, Brake

Sumitomo 155063A1 O-Ring Sumitomo LG00433 Spring

Sumitomo 837-8012 Parallel Pin Sumitomo LG005660 Spring

Sumitomo 861-10030 Capscrew Sumitomo LH00320 Retainer Plate

Sumitomo 863-18100 Capscrew Sumitomo LH00388 Shim

Sumitomo 87016471 Capscrew Sumitomo LH00389 Shim

Sumitomo CJHP0044 Washer Sumitomo LJ00954 Brake Piston

Sumitomo KAA1207 Final Drive Sumitomo LJ00955 Piston Assembly

Sumitomo KRA0254 Seal Dust Sumitomo LJ00956 Check Valve

Sumitomo KRA1134 Ring Back-Up Sumitomo LJ00958 Relief Valve, O

Sumitomo KSA10110 Drive Sumitomo LJ00968 Piston Assembly

Sumitomo LA00830 Thrust Washer Sumitomo LJ01075 Shift Piston

Sumitomo LA00832 Lock Washer Sumitomo LJ01263 Brake Valve

Sumitomo LA00833 Pin Sumitomo LJ013260 Travel Motor

Sumitomo LA00835 Thrust Washer Sumitomo LJ013790 Travel Motor

Sumitomo LA00837 Thrust Washer Sumitomo LJ013800 Shift Piston As

Sumitomo LA00838 Carrier Pin No Sumitomo LJ013830 Spool

Sumitomo LA00839 Thrust Washer Sumitomo LJ013840 Restrictor

Sumitomo LA00844 Carrier Pin No Sumitomo LJ018590 Spool Assembly

Sumitomo LA00907 Carrier Pin No Sumitomo LJ018700 Travel Motor

Sumitomo LB00789 Needle bearing Sumitomo LK00383 Plug

Sumitomo LB00790 Needle Bearing Sumitomo LK00387 Connector

Sumitomo LB00791 Angular Ball Be Sumitomo LK00391 Plug

Sumitomo LB00793 Coupling Sumitomo LK00392 Plug

Sumitomo LB00795 Thrust Ball Sumitomo LK00393 Plug

Sumitomo LB00796 Metric Taper Ro Sumitomo LK00394 Plug

Sumitomo LB00797 Metric Taper Ro Sumitomo LK005000 Orifice

Sumitomo LB011160 Needle Bearing Sumitomo LK005330 Plug

Sumitomo LB011170 Needle Bearing Sumitomo LK005340 Plug

Sumitomo LB011180 Ball Sumitomo LKM0076 Inner Bearing R

Sumitomo LC00199 Planetary Gear Sumitomo LN00097 Carrier No 2

Sumitomo LC00201 Sun Gear Sumitomo LN00119 Carrier No 1

Sumitomo LC00202 Planetary Gear Sumitomo LN00120 Carrier No 2

Sumitomo LC00204 Sun Gear Sumitomo LN00134 Carrier No 1

Sumitomo LC00206 Sun Gear Sumitomo LN001600 Planetary Assem

Sumitomo LC00244 Planetary Gear Sumitomo LN001980 Planetary Assem

Sumitomo LC00253 Planetary Gear Sumitomo LR00857 Thrust Plate

Sumitomo LC002630 Ring Gear Sumitomo LR00858 Friction Plate

Sumitomo LC002750 Sun Gear Sumitomo LR00859 Separator Plate

Sumitomo LC002980 Ring Gear Sumitomo LR00860 Valve Plate

Sumitomo LC002990 Sun Gear Sumitomo LR00862 Holder

Sumitomo LDM0122 1st Sun Gear Sumitomo LR00866 Spring Holder

Sumitomo LDM0124 2nd Sun Gear Sumitomo LR00877 Valve Plate

Sumitomo LDM0154 Sun Gear Sumitomo LR01061 Swash Plate

Sumitomo LE00780 Floating Seal Sumitomo LR013570 Swash Plate

Sumitomo LE00955 O-Ring Sumitomo LR018770 Spring Holder

Sumitomo LE00992 Support Ring Sumitomo LS00206 Cylinder Block

Sumitomo LE00993 Floating Seal Sumitomo LS00207 Cylinder Block

Sumitomo LE00994 O-Ring Sumitomo LS002910 Cylinder Block

Sumitomo LE00998 O-Ring Sumitomo LT00126 Housing

Sumitomo LE00999 O-Ring Sumitomo LT00127 Housing

Sumitomo LE012890 Piston Seal Sumitomo LTM0149 Needle Roller
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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