The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Case Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Case 108R010Z016N Bolt Case 156353A1 Swash Plate

Case 108R010Z020N Bolt Case 156354A1 Retainer Plate

Case 108R022Y070N Bolt Case 157081A1-Kit Rotating Group

Case 14482280 O-Ring Case 158111A1 O-Ring

Case 151018A1 Final Drive Case 158112A1 Needle Bearing

Case 151030A1 Plug Case 160002A1 Coupling

Case 151033A1 Plug Case 160037A1 Inner Ring

Case 152502444 Brake Spring Case 160273A1 Needle Bearing

Case 152535A1 Final Drive Case 160432A1 Final Dive Assy

Case 153861A1 Floating Seal Case 160618A1 Twin Speed Pist

Case 153919A1 Oil Seal Case 160779A1 Oil Seal

Case 154451A1 O-Ring Case 160780A1 Oil Seal

Case 154455A1 O-Ring Case 160800A1 Backup Ring

Case 154467A1 O-Ring Case 160801A1 Backup Ring

Case 154471A1 O-Ring Case 160807A1 O-Ring

Case 154475A1 O-Ring Case 160819A1 RV Gear Kit - G

Case 154483A1 O-Ring Case 160820A1 Sun Gear

Case 154487A1 O-Ring Case 160837A1 Crankshaft

Case 154503A1 O-Ring Case 160838A1 Shaft

Case 154515A1 O-Ring Case 160841A1 Plate

Case 154589A1 O-Ring Case 160859A1 Pin

Case 154704A1 O-Ring Case 160860A1 Pin

Case 154884A1 O-Ring Case 160861A1 Snap Ring

Case 154931A1 O-Ring Case 160862A1 Swash Plate

Case 154933A1 O-Ring Case 160863A1 Set Plate

Case 155199A1 O-Ring Case 160867A1 Ring Snap

Case 155213A1 O-Ring Case 160895A1 Hub

Case 155220A1 O-Ring Case 160938A1 Piston

Case 155225A1 O-Ring Case 160941A1 Ring inner

Case 155256A1 Coupling Case 160955A1 Spring

Case 155257A1 Coupling Case 160957A1 Spring

Case 155288A1 Ring Gear Inner Case 160960A1 Ball Bearing

Case 155289A1 Cluster Gear - Case 160961A1 Pin

Case 155298A1 Floating Seal Case 160962A1 Taper Roller Be

Case 155299A1 Floating Seal Case 160963A1 Ball Bearing

Case 155367A1 Cluster Shaft Case 160964A1 Needle Roller

Case 155368A1 Main Shaft Case 160966A1 Metric Taper Ro

Case 155375A1 Thrust Plate Case 160967A1 Bearing -needle

Case 155397A1 Thrust Plate (M Case 160970A1 Reamer Bolt - 2

Case 155583A1 Steel Ball Case 160971A1 Washer

Case 155587A1 Distance Piece Case 160979A1 Steel Ball - 3/

Case 155588A1 Seal Ring Case 160980A1 Gearbox Cover

Case 155597A1 Pin Case 160981A1 Distance Piece

Case 155598A1 Ring Case 160982A1 Ring

Case 155676A1 Pin Case 160983A1 Spacer

Case 155677A1 Carrier Case 160985A1-Kit Rotating Group

Case 155820A1 Piston Ass'y Case 160986A1 Bowl,Trust

Case 155956A1 Pivot Ball Case 160987A1 Plate

Case 156066A1 Spring (For Par Case 160988A1 Disc Plate - Fr

Case 156082A1 Spring Case 160989A1 Plate

Case 156101A1 Spring Case 160990A1 Plate

Case 156125A1 Bearing Ball Case 160995A1 Plate

Case 156151A1 Roller Bearing Case 160996A1 Plate lining

Case 156152A1 Ball Bearing Case 161025A1 Complete Final

Case 156294A1 Plate - Mating Case 161039A1 Spur Gear Kit

Case 156305A1 Cap Case 161057A1 Ball Bearing

Case 156352A1 Cover Case 161061A1 O-Ring
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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