The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Case Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Case 161318A1 Floating Seal Case 165721A1 D-Ring

Case 161808A1 O-Ring Case 166291A1 Final Drive

Case 161810A1 Coupling Case 166786A1 Oil Seal

Case 161811A1 Steel Ball Case 166802A1 O-Ring

Case 161813A1 Thrust Collar 4 Case 166803A1 O-Ring

Case 161816A1 Snap Ring Case 166806A1 O-Ring

Case 161818A1 Pivot Case 166810A1 Coupling

Case 161819A1 Motor Shaft Case 166811A1 Spur Gear Kit

Case 161820A1 Pin Case 166812A1 Sun Gear

Case 161824A1 Piston Kit Case 166816A1 Rv Gear Assy

Case 161825A1 SHIFT PISTON AS Case 166822A1 Crankshaft

Case 161826A1 Rear Flange Case 166823A1 Shaft - for Sun

Case 161834A1 Cylinder Block Case 166824A1 Shaft - Motor

Case 161837A1 Disc Case 166825A1 Thrust Ball

Case 161838A1 Swash Plate Case 166826A1 Plate

Case 164541A1 Final Drive Case 166846A1 Plug

Case 164693A1 Travel Reductio Case 166848A1 Plug

Case 165217A1 Oil Seal Case 166859A1 Pin

Case 165218A1 Ring Case 166860A1 Snap Ring

Case 165219A1 O-Ring Case 166874A1 Spacer

Case 165220A1 O-Ring Case 166875A1 Retainer Plate

Case 165221A1 Snap Ring Case 166913A1 Piston Ass'y

Case 165223A1 O-Ring Case 166951A1 Piston Kit

Case 165224A1 O-Ring Case 166959A1 Rear Flange

Case 165228A1 Sun Gear Case 166961A1 R V Gear (Pair)

Case 165233A1 Coupling Case 166962A1 Floating Seal

Case 165234A1 Motor Shaft Case 166984A1 Spring

Case 165235A1 Plug Case 166989A1 Spring

Case 165237A1 1/2" BSP Plug Case 166990A1 Spring

Case 165244A1 Pin Case 166992A1 Hub Bearing

Case 165245A1 Swash Plate Case 166993A1 Taper Roller Be

Case 165246A1 Plate Case 166994A1 Ball Bearing

Case 165248A1 Retainer Case 166999A1 Needle Roller

Case 165249A1 Rear Flange Case 167001A1 Ball Bearing

Case 165262A1 2 Speed Piston Case 167006A1 Bolt

Case 165272A1 R.V. Gear Ass'y Case 167025A1 Cover

Case 165273A1 Spur Gear Kit Case 167026A1 Gearbox Cover C

Case 165279A1 Spring Case 167027A1 Hub

Case 165280A1 Spring Case 167028A1 Plate, Timing

Case 165281A1 Spring Case 167029A1 Block

Case 165285A1 Roller Bearing Case 167029A1-Kit Rotating Group

Case 165286A1 Ball Bearing Case 169351A1 Final Drive

Case 165287A1 Pivot Case 200166A1 Final Drive

Case 165288A1 Pin Case 200944A1 O-Ring

Case 165289A1 Washer Case 238-5360 O-Ring

Case 165290A1 Reamer Bolt - 2 Case 26794630 Bearing

Case 165291A1 Washer Case 389138a1 O-Ring

Case 165292A1 Reamer Bolt - 2 Case 389140a1 O-Ring

Case 165294A1 Hub Case 47043304 Final Drive

Case 165295A1 Brake Plate Case 47043305 Final Drive

Case 165296A1 Brake Disc Plat Case 47043512 Final Drive

Case 165304A1 Ball Guide Case 47045972 Circlip

Case 165305A1 Plate Case 47045973 Plug

Case 165306A1 Cover Case 47045974 Cover Ass'y

Case 165307A1 Plate timing Case 47045975 Pad - Thrust

Case 165696A1 Steel Disc Case 47045976 O-Ring

Case 165720A1 D-Ring Case 47045977 2nd Reduction G
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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