The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Case Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Case 47045979 Sun Gear Case 47046069 Brake Piston

Case 47045980 1st Reduction A Case 47046070 Brake Spring

Case 47045981 Gearbox Housing Case 47046143 Back Up Ring -

Case 47045982 Snap Ring Case 47046144 O-Ring

Case 47045983 Bearing - Early Case 47046146 O-Ring

Case 47045984 Spacer Case 47046148 O-Ring

Case 47045985 Floating Seal Case 47046152 Motor Seal Kit

Case 47045986 Centering Ring Case 47046155 Pin

Case 47045996 Motor Shaft Case 47046164 Coupling

Case 47045997 Oil Seal Case 47046166 O-Ring

Case 47046000 Circlip Case 47046167 Hydrualic Motor

Case 47046001 Plug Case 47046176 Motor Seal Kit

Case 47046002 Gearbox Cover Case 47046177 Bearing

Case 47046003 O-Ring Case 47046178 Floating Seal

Case 47046004 Sun Gear Case 47046281 Plug

Case 47046005 1st Reduction G Case 47046282 Pad - Thrust

Case 47046007 2nd Reduction G Case 47923177 Final Drive

Case 47046008 Hub Case 6005811M92 Final Drive

Case 47046010 Lock Ring Case 6007118M91 Final Drive

Case 47046011 Spacer Case 6010073M91 Final Drive

Case 47046020 Cylinder Block Case 6010203M91 Final Drive

Case 47046021 Swash Plate Case 6010204M91 Final Drive

Case 47046022 Motor Shaft Case 6011087M91 Final Drive

Case 47046025 Brake Assy Case 6191097M1 Pin

Case 47046028 Sun Gear Case 6191097M2 Pin

Case 47046029 1st Reduction A Case 6191101M2 Bearing

Case 47046030 Gearbox Housing Case 6191112M1 O-Ring

Case 47046038 Cylinder Block Case 6191114M2 Coupling

Case 47046039 Swash Plate Case 6191116M91 Hydrualic Motor

Case 47046040 Motor Shaft Case 6191263M91 Bearing with Se

Case 47046041 Oil Seal Case 6191266M1 Circlip

Case 47046042 Bearing Kit Case 6191270M1 Bearing

Case 47046043 Brake Assy Case 6191540M1 Shim

Case 47046044 Motor Seal Kit Case 6191868M91 Gearbox Cover

Case 47046045 Circlip Case 6191893M1 Sun Gear

Case 47046046 Plug Case 6192169M1 O-Ring

Case 47046047 Plug Case 6192286M91 Hydrualic Motor

Case 47046048 Pad - Thrust Case 6192308M91 Motor Seal Kit

Case 47046049 Cover Assy Case 6819113330 Bearing

Case 47046050 O-Ring Case 6819113540 Sun Gear

Case 47046051 Planetary Gear Case 6831113320 Floating Seal

Case 47046052 Circlip Case 6831113430 Thrust Washer

Case 47046054 Bearing Case 6831113450 Countersunk Scr

Case 47046055 Spacer Case 6831113610 Wire

Case 47046056 Circlip Case 6831113620 Plug

Case 47046057 O-Ring Case 6831161390 Final Drive

Case 47046058 Bearing with Se Case 6831170800 Cylinder Block

Case 47046059 Spindle Case 6831561390 Final Drive

Case 47046060 O-Ring Case 6865113330 Main Bearing

Case 47046061 Sun Gear Case 6865113390 Planetary Gear

Case 47046062 Brake Shaft Case 6865113410 Needle Roller

Case 47046063 Sintered Disc Case 6865113460 2nd Sun Gear

Case 47046064 Steel Ring Case 6865113510 Needle Roller

Case 47046065 Parbak Back Up Case 6865113540 Sun Gear

Case 47046066 O-Ring Case 6865170610 Motor Shaft

Case 47046067 O-Ring Case 6865170620 Ball Bearing

Case 47046068 Parbak back up Case 6865170760 Ball Bearing
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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