The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Case Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Case 6865170770 O-Ring Case 862-10035 Hex. Socket blo

Case 6865761290 Final Drive Case 863-16030 Socket Bolt

Case 6867113320 Floating Seal Case 87452188 Hub

Case 6867113330 Hub Bearing Case 87588897 Final Drive

Case 6867113390 Gear Case 87619883 Cover Assembly

Case 6867113490 Primar Planetar Case 87619884 Plug

Case 6867761290 Final Drive Case 87619885 Snap Ring

Case 6972561290 Final Drive Case 87619896 Quad Ring - 190

Case 6972561292 Final Drive Case 87619900 Reduction Assem

Case 6972573410 Seal Ass'y Case 87619901 Floating Seal

Case 6972573420 Circlip Case 87619915 Cylinder Block

Case 6972573430 2nd Reduction G Case 87619916 Swash Plate

Case 6972573460 1st Reduction A Case 87619918 Bearing Kit

Case 6972573550 1st Sun Gear Case 87619919 Brake Kit

Case 6972573620 O-Ring Case 87619920 Repair Kit - Se

Case 6972573670 Bearing - Early Case A4339387 3rd Sun Gear -

Case 6974573460 Bearing Case A5340324 Cover Set

Case 6974573490 2nd Reduction G Case A9846001 Floating Seal

Case 6974573560 Sun Gear Case B2130491 O-Ring

Case 6974573570 Reduction Ass'y Case B2648566 Final Drive

Case 72271598 Final Drive Case B2948532 Gearbox Ass'y

Case 72275292 Circlip Case B3145090 Disc Steel

Case 72275293 Sun Gear Case B3330424 Oring

Case 72275294 1st Reduction A Case C1245291 Disc - Friction

Case 72275295 Gearbox Housing Case C8560257 1st Reduction A

Case 72275296 Bearing Case D1245292 Washer

Case 72275303 Cylinder Block Case D4229151 Spindle

Case 72275304 Swash Plate Case D936356 Circlip

Case 72275319 O-Ring Case E1929060 Spring Retainer

Case 72281630 Final Drive Case E2948512 Final Drive

Case 72282154 Adaptor - 3/8" Case E3545017 Pad - Thrust

Case 72282278 Final Drive Case E4229152 Spindle

Case 72282610 Holder Case E936380 Ring

Case 72282611 Planetary Gear Case F1245225 Disc Friction

Case 72282613 Wire Case F3333004 Screw

Case 72282614 Swash Plate Case F5039305 1st Sun Gear

Case 72283606 Adaptor - 1/4" Case F7546075 Gasket

Case 72284190 Final Drive Case F8846288 Hub (Includes M

Case 72285816 Oil Seal Case F936358 Cover

Case 72952036 Steel Ball Case G107620 Seal

Case 72952043 Plug Case G2537412 Plug

Case 72952288 Hub Bearing Case G5039329 1st Reduction A

Case 72952289 Washer Case G5140368 Cover Set

Case 72952302 Repair kit Case G632966 Screw

Case 72952303 Repair kit Case G8046027 Floating Seal

Case 72952308 Gear Case H21622215364N1 Cover

Case 72952309 Inner Race Case H2828593 Spacer

Case 72952310 2nd Sun Gear Case H3330453 O-Ring

Case 72952315 Thrust Plate Case H3545066 Brake Plate

Case 72952323 Hub Bearing Case H4839391 1st Sun Gear

Case 72952571 Ball Bearing Case H5039307 1st Reduction A

Case 72952623 O-Ring Case H5039330 2nd Reduction A

Case 72952706 Sun Gear Case H5240373 Cover Set

Case 72961460 Ball Bearing Case J2230456 O-Ring

Case 72964291 Floating Seal Case J3545044 Disc - Steel

Case 800-1128 Snap Ring Case J4043638 Cylinder Block

Case 800-1145 Snap Ring Case J5039308 2nd Sun Gear
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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