The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Case Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Case J5039331 1st Reduction A Case LB011800 Bearing

Case J650218 Brake Piston Case LB011810 Bearing needle

Case K2229376 Bushing Case LB012750 Coupling

Case K3428550 Spacer Case LB012760 Main Bearing

Case K4339373 2nd Sun Gear Case LB012770 Motor Shaft

Case K5039332 1st Reduction A Case LB012780 Ball Guide

Case KAA10310 Final Drive Case LB012790 Ball Bearing

Case KAA1132 Final Drive Case LB012800 Bearing

Case KBA10752 Final Drive Case LB012810 Pin

Case KBA12640 Hydraulic motor Case LB012820 Pivot

Case KBA13690 Final Drive Case LB013350 Needle Roller

Case KBA14420 Hydraulic motor Case LB013380 Ball Bearing

Case KMA1321 Final Drive Case LB013390 Ball Bearing

Case KNA10460 Final Drive Case LBO0854 Shaft with Coup

Case KNA10520 Final Drive Case LBO0856 Shaft

Case KRA10120 Final Drive Case LBQ5261 O-Ring

Case KRA1426 Final Drive Case LBQ6263 O-Ring

Case KRA1860 Final Drive Case LC00166 Sun Gear

Case KRC0172 Gauge Case LC00171 Gear

Case KSA10220 Final Drive Case LC00191 Gear

Case KSA1101 Drive Case LC00214 RV Gear Ass'y

Case KSA1298 Final Drive Case LC00215 RV Gear Kit

Case KSA1322 Drive Case LC00218 Sun Gear

Case KWA0019 Reduction Case LC00219 Spur Gear Kit

Case L1130460 O-Ring Case LC002880 Sun Gear

Case L1929066 Spring Retainer Case LC003090 1st Sun Gear

Case L30485 O-Ring Case LC003100 2nd Sun Gear

Case L3533017 Screw Case LE00779 Oil Seal

Case L5039310 2nd Reduction A Case LE00795 Floating Seal

Case L5039333 2nd Reduction A Case LE00824 Floating Seal

Case LA00728 Reamer Bolt - 2 Case LE00992 Support Ring

Case LA00729 Reamer Bolt - 2 Case LE00993 Floating Seal

Case LA00747 Spur Gear Snap Case LE00999 O-Ring

Case LA00832 Lock Washer Case LE01030 Floating Seal

Case LA00854 Reamer Bolt Case LE01032 Oil Seal

Case LA00855 Pin Case LE01034 O-Ring

Case LA00857 Washer Case LE01035 O-Ring

Case LA00858 Circlip (Intern Case LE01126 Floating Seal

Case LA011780 Lock Washer Case LE01144 Floating Seal

Case LAA0788 Pin Case LE012900 O-Ring

Case LB00545 Motor Shaft Case LE012910 O-Ring

Case LB00548 Bearing Case LE014490 Oil Seal

Case LB00585 Pin Case LE014680 Oil Seal

Case LB00612 Coupling Case LE016880 Floating Seal

Case LB00613 Bearing Case LE016890 Oil Seal

Case LB00614 Motor Shaft Case LE016900 O-Ring

Case LB00792 Shaft Case LE018060 Floating Seal

Case LB00793 Coupling Case LE018070 Inner Race

Case LB00794 Pivot Case LG00449 Brake Spring

Case LB00832 Main Bearing Case LG00450 Spring

Case LB00854 Shaft with Coup Case LG00452 Spring

Case LB00855 Hub Bearing Case LG00453 Spring

Case LB00856 Shaft Case LG006470 Spring

Case LB00857 Ball Bearing Case LG006480 2 Speed Piston

Case LB00858 Pin Case LH00254 Shim

Case LB011160 Needle Bearing Case LH00266 Hub

Case LB011170 Needle Bearing Case LH00267 Collar
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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