The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Case Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Case LH00291 Rear Flange Case LR016900 Friction Plate

Case LH00320 Retainer Plate Case LR016910 Steel Plate

Case LH00331 Hub Case LR017610 Spindle

Case LH00332 Piston Retainer Case LR017620 Swash Plate

Case LH00333 Rear Flange Case LS00129 Holder

Case LH00388 Shim Case LS00215 Block

Case LH005370 Hub Case LS00215-Kit Rotating Group

Case LH005380 Shim Case LS00216 Bowl

Case LH005860 Hub Case LS00217 Pivot

Case LJ00722 Piston Case LS002910 Cylinder Block

Case LJ00795 Piston Kit Case LUM0205 Plate

Case LJ00862 Hydraulic Motor Case LW00401 Gearbox Cover

Case LJ00968 Piston Assembly Case LW005540 Gearbox Cover

Case LJ01019 Piston Kit Case LZ00378 Motor Seal Kit

Case LJ01022 Piston Case LZ00546 Seal Kit - GM09

Case LJ01023 Shift Piston As Case LZ00652 Seal Kit

Case LJ01029 Spool Kit Case LZ006890 Floating Seal

Case LJ01031 Valve Case LZ007960 Seal Kit

Case LJ01273 Drive motor Case LZ009510 Service Kit

Case LJ013420 Hydraulic Motor Case LZ009670 Seal Kit

Case LJ014910 Motor Assy Case LZ010600 Repair Kit

Case LJ015930 Twin Speed Pist Case M2537486 Plug

Case LJ015940 Brake Piston Case M5039311 3rd Reduction A

Case LJ015950 Valve ass'y Case M5039334 3rd Gear Reduct

Case LK00053 Plug Case N130422 O-Ring

Case LK00094 Plug Case N3737466 Plug

Case LK00298 Plug Case N5039312 3rd Reduction A

Case LK00414 Plug Case N6527803 Brake Shaft

Case LK00416 Screw Case ND101398 Gearbox

Case LK006100 Plug Case P1038285 Brake Spring

Case LMM0236 Steel Ball Case P1245225 Disc Friction

Case LN00092 Final Drive Case P1245291 Disc - Friction

Case LN002270 1st Carrier Ass Case P130423 O-Ring

Case LN002280 2nd Carrier Ass Case P1332970 Screw

Case LR00572 Plate Balance Case P1532917 Screw

Case LR00582 Friction Disc Case P1830404 O-Ring

Case LR00586 Plate Case P1846356 Cover

Case LR00629 Swash Plate Case P1929060 Spring Retainer

Case LR00708 Swash Plate Case P1929077 Piston

Case LR00879 Holder Case P1930426 O Ring

Case LR00950 Holder Case P2030430 O-Ring

Case LR00981 Swash Plate Case P2039837 Hub with Bearin

Case LR00982 Plate Case P2130491 O-Ring

Case LR00983 Brake Disc - Fr Case P2229376 Bushing

Case LR00984 Plate Case P2348589 Final Drive

Case LR012120 Swash Plate Case P2537486 Plug

Case LR012550 Swash Plate Case P2728957 Spacer

Case LR013570 Plate Case P2828593 Spacer

Case LR013580 Swash Plate Case P2948567 Final Drive

Case LR015020 Friction Plate Case P30485 O-Ring

Case LR015040 Thrust plate Case P3145090 Disc Steel

Case LR015510 Swash Plate Case P3230455 Oring

Case LR016850 Spindle Case P3333004 Screw

Case LR016860 Thrust Plate Case P3533017 Screw

Case LR016870 Swash Plate Case P3545044 Disc - Steel

Case LR016880 Retainer Case P36262 Snap Ring

Case LR016890 Plate;Timing Case P38287 Brake Spring
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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