The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Kobelco Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Kobelco YY15V00015R420 2nd Carrier Ass Kobelco ZD12P01100 O-Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015R430 Floating Seal Kobelco ZD12P01200 O-Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015R440 Rotary Kit Kobelco ZD12P01250 O-Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015R450 Twin Speed Pist Kobelco ZD12P01400 O-Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015S001 Hub Kobelco ZD12P01600 O-Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015S002 Spindle Kobelco ZD12P01800 O-Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015S004 1st Sun Gear Kobelco ZD12P02400 O-Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015S008 2nd Sun Gear Kobelco ZD12P02600 O-Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015S014 Gearbox Cover Kobelco ZD12P02900 O-Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015S015 Coupling Kobelco ZD12P13000 O-Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015S022 Lock Washer Kobelco ZD12P19500 O-Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015S023 Shim Kobelco ZD57F30040 Floating Seal

Kobelco YY15V00015S024 Main Bearing Kobelco ZD57F36637 Seal Group

Kobelco YY15V00015S032 O-Ring Kobelco ZD58F20939 Floating Seal

Kobelco YY15V00015S102 Motor Shaft Kobelco ZD58F30040 Floating Seal

Kobelco YY15V00015S103 Swash Plate Kobelco ZD58F36637 Floating Seal

Kobelco YY15V00015S107 Retainer Kobelco ZD85G09500 Back-Up Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015S108 Ball Guide Kobelco ZD85G10500 O-Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015S109 Plate;Timing Kobelco ZD85G17000 Backup Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015S112 Brake Piston Kobelco ZD85P14500 Backup Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015S115 Friction Plate Kobelco ZD85P21000 Back up Ring Sp

Kobelco YY15V00015S116 Steel Plate Kobelco ZE82T02000 Plug

Kobelco YY15V00015S132 Oil Seal Kobelco ZE82T04000 Plug

Kobelco YY15V00015S139 O-Ring Kobelco ZE82T06000 Plug

Kobelco YY15V00015S149 Ball Bearing Kobelco ZE82T12000 Plug

Kobelco YY15V00015S150 Bearing Kobelco ZP26D04022 Spring Pin

Kobelco YY15V00015S161 Twin Speed Pist Kobelco ZP26D06036 Spring Pin - 6

Kobelco YY15V00015S162 Twin Speed Pist Kobelco ZP26D08036 Spring Pin

Kobelco YY15V00015S167 Pivot Kobelco ZP26D10050 Spring Pin

Kobelco YY15V00015S171 Pin Kobelco ZR16X02800 Snap Ring

Kobelco YY15V00015S185 2 Speed Piston Kobelco ZR16X03800 Spur Gear Snap

Kobelco YY15V00035F1 Final Drive Kobelco ZR26X03200 Retaining Ring

Kobelco YY15V00035S149 Ball Bearing Kobelco ZR26X06200 Snap Ring

Kobelco ZD11G09500 O-Ring Kobelco ZS23C10016 Screw

Kobelco ZD11G10000 O-Ring Kobelco ZS23C10025 Capscrew

Kobelco ZD11G12000 O-Ring Kobelco ZS23C10035 Hex. Socket Scr

Kobelco ZD11G19500 O-Ring Kobelco ZS23C12035 Capscrew

Kobelco ZD11G23000 O-Ring Kobelco ZS23C16030 Socket Bolt

Kobelco ZD12G03000 O-Ring Kobelco ZS23C16045 Capscrew

Kobelco ZD12G04000 O-Ring Kobelco ZS23C16080 Capscrew

Kobelco ZD12G04500 O-Ring Kobelco ZS23C18050 Capscrew

Kobelco ZD12G05000 O-Ring Kobelco ZS23C18100 Capscrew

Kobelco ZD12G08000 O-Ring Kobelco ZS23C18110 Capscrew

Kobelco ZD12G08500 O-Ring Kobelco ZS28C10030 Capscrew

Kobelco ZD12G09000 O-Ring

Kobelco ZD12G09500 O-Ring

Kobelco ZD12G10000 O-Ring

Kobelco ZD12G10500 O-Ring

Kobelco ZD12G11500 O-Ring

Kobelco ZD12G12000 O-Ring

Kobelco ZD12G13000 O-Ring

Kobelco ZD12G19500 O-Ring

Kobelco ZD12G23000 O-Ring

Kobelco ZD12G26000 O-Ring

Kobelco ZD12P00600 O-Ring

Kobelco ZD12P00700 O-Ring

Kobelco ZD12P00800 O-Ring
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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