The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Kobelco Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Kobelco LC15VU0001S008 1st Reduction A Kobelco LF15V00002S109 Plate

Kobelco LC15VU0001S009 2nd Sun Gear Kobelco LF15V00002S110 Washer

Kobelco LC15VU0001S010 2nd Reduction A Kobelco LF15V00002S113 Brake Spring

Kobelco LC15VU0001S011 3rd Sun Gear - Kobelco LF15V00002S114 Spring

Kobelco LC15VU0001S012 Screw Kobelco LF15V00002S115 Brake Disc - Fr

Kobelco LC15VU0001S013 3rd Reduction A Kobelco LF15V00002S116 Plate

Kobelco LC15VU0001S014 Bush Kobelco LF15V00002S135 O-Ring

Kobelco LC15VU0001S017 Hub (Includes M Kobelco LF15V00002S141 O-Ring

Kobelco LC15VU0001S018 Floating Seal Kobelco LF15V00002S146 Circlip (Intern

Kobelco LC15VU0001S019 Spring Disc Kobelco LF15V00002S150 Ball Bearing

Kobelco LC15VU0001S020 Spindle Kobelco LF15V00002S176 Pivot

Kobelco LC15VU0001S021 O-Ring Kobelco LP15V00001F1 Final Drive

Kobelco LC15VU0001S023 Screw Kobelco LP15V00001S019 Reamer Bolt - 2

Kobelco LC15VU0001S024 Motor Only Kobelco LP15V00001S107 Set Plate

Kobelco LC22V00006F1 Relief Valve, O Kobelco LP15V00001S147 Backup Ring

Kobelco LC23V00001F1 Brake Valve Kobelco LP15V00001S148 Backup Ring

Kobelco LC53D00003F1 Planetary Assem Kobelco LP15V00001S149 Ball Bearing

Kobelco LC53D00003S001 Cover Kobelco LP15V00001S179 Spring

Kobelco LC53D00003S011 Carrier No 2 Kobelco LQ15V00004S009 Shaft

Kobelco LC53D00003S012 Carrier Pin No Kobelco LQ15V00005S004 Needle Bearing

Kobelco LC53D00003S017 Planetary Ring Kobelco LQ15V00005S008 Thrust Plate

Kobelco LC53D000075001 Cover Kobelco LQ15V00005S013 Needle Bearing

Kobelco LC53D00007F1 Planetary Assem Kobelco LQ15V00005S019 Main Bearing

Kobelco LC53D00007S001 Cover Kobelco LQ15V00005S023 Floating Seal

Kobelco LC53D00007S002 Carrier No 1 Kobelco LQ15V00007F2 Final Drive

Kobelco LC53D00007S003 Carrier Pin No Kobelco LQ15V00007R100 Motor Seal Kit

Kobelco LC53D00007S005 Thrust Washer Kobelco LQ15V00007R200 Repair Kit

Kobelco LC53D00007S011 Carrier No 2 Kobelco LQ15V00007S015 Plug

Kobelco LC53D00007S012 Carrier Pin No Kobelco LQ15V00007S042 Motor Shaft

Kobelco LC53D00007S017 Ring Gear Kobelco LQ15V00007S055 Ball Bearing

Kobelco LC53D00007S018 Housing Kobelco LQ15V00007S056 Ball Bearing

Kobelco LE15V00002F1 Final Drive Kobelco LQ15V00007S060 Friction Plate

Kobelco LF15V00002F1 Final Drive Kobelco LQ15V00007S076 Floating Seal

Kobelco LF15V00002R400 Rear Flange Kobelco LQ15V00007S077 Bearing

Kobelco LF15V00002R410 RV Gear Ass'y Kobelco LQ15V00007S081 Washer

Kobelco LF15V00002R420 Spur Gear Kit Kobelco LQ15V00007S082 Screw

Kobelco LF15V00002R430 Floating Seal Kobelco LQ15V00007S083 Plate

Kobelco LF15V00002R440 Piston Kit Kobelco LQ15V00007S084 Race

Kobelco LF15V00002R450 Shift Piston As Kobelco LQ15V00007S085 Bearing Assy

Kobelco LF15V00002R490 Seal Kit - GM09 Kobelco LQ15V00007S086 Planetary Gear

Kobelco LF15V00002S001 Hub Kobelco LQ15V00007S087 Plate

Kobelco LF15V00002S006 Sun Gear Kobelco LQ15V00007S088 Screw

Kobelco LF15V00002S008 Gearbox Cover Kobelco LQ15V00007S089 Sun Gear

Kobelco LF15V00002S009 Crankshaft Kobelco LQ15V00007S090 Ring

Kobelco LF15V00002S015 Shaft with Coup Kobelco LQ15V00007S091 Holder

Kobelco LF15V00002S017 Pin Kobelco LQ15V00007S092 Plate

Kobelco LF15V00002S019 Reamer Bolt Kobelco LQ15V00007S093 Race

Kobelco LF15V00002S021 Hub Bearing Kobelco LQ15V00007S094 Bearing

Kobelco LF15V00002S022 Taper Roller Be Kobelco LQ15V00007S095 1st Planetary G

Kobelco LF15V00002S030 O-Ring Kobelco LQ15V00007S096 Plate

Kobelco LF15V00002S043 Pin Kobelco LQ15V00007S097 Plate

Kobelco LF15V00002S102 Shaft Kobelco LQ15V00007S098 Screw

Kobelco LF15V00002S103 Swash Plate Kobelco LQ15V00007S099 Sun Gear

Kobelco LF15V00002S104 Block Kobelco LQ15V00007S101 Cover

Kobelco LF15V00002S104-Kit Rotating Group Kobelco LQ15V00007S103 Plug

Kobelco LF15V00002S107 Piston Retainer Kobelco LQ15V00007S105 Pin

Kobelco LF15V00002S108 Bowl Kobelco LQ15V00015S002 Oil Seal
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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