The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Kobelco Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Kobelco LQ15V00015S008 Plate Kobelco PH15V00009S008 Cover

Kobelco LQ15V00015S009 Plate Kobelco PH15V00009S017 Pin

Kobelco LQ15V00019F1 Final Drive Kobelco PH15V00009S021 Bearing

Kobelco LQ15V00019F1GU Final Drive Kobelco PH15V00009S030 O-Ring

Kobelco LQ15V00019R100 Motor Seal Kit Kobelco PH15V00009S033 Plug

Kobelco LQ15V00019R200 Repair Kit Kobelco PH15V00009S035 Bolt

Kobelco LQ15V00019S074 Holder Kobelco PH15V00009S102 Shaft

Kobelco LQ15V00020F1 Final Drive Kobelco PH15V00009S103 Swash Plate

Kobelco LQ15V00020F2 Final Drive Kobelco PH15V00009S109 Timing Plate

Kobelco LQ15V00020R100 Kit Kobelco PH15V00009S113 Spring

Kobelco LQ15V00020R200 Repair Kit Kobelco PH15V00009S139 O-Ring

Kobelco LQ15V00020R910 Repair Kit Kobelco PH15V00009S151 Pin

Kobelco LQ15V00020S026 Floating Seal Kobelco PH15V00009S177 Rocker Pin

Kobelco LQ15V00020S050 Oil Seal Kobelco PH15V00009S190 Spring

Kobelco LQ15V00020S051 Friction Plate Kobelco PH15V00009S224 Plug

Kobelco LQ15V00020S067 Floating Seal Kobelco PH15V00009S228 Spring

Kobelco LQ15V00020S071 Carrier Kobelco PH15V00009S275 Orifice

Kobelco LQ15V00020S074 Plate Kobelco PH15V00009S280 Plug

Kobelco LQ15V00020S078 Thrust Plate Kobelco PH15V00009S401 Spring

Kobelco LQ15V00020S080 Sun Gear Kobelco PH15V00009SR330 Floating Seal

Kobelco LQ15V00020S082 Carrier Kobelco PH15V00012F1 Final Drive

Kobelco LQ15V00020S084 Inner Race Kobelco PH15V00012R390 Floating Seal

Kobelco LQ15V00020S085 Needle Bearing Kobelco PH15V00012S001 Hub

Kobelco LQ15V00020S086 Gear Kobelco PH15V00012S002 Spindle

Kobelco LQ15V00020S088 Plate Kobelco PH15V00012S004 1st Sun Gear

Kobelco LQ15V00020S090 1st Sun Gear Kobelco PH15V00012S005 Spur Gear

Kobelco LQ15V00031F1 Final Drive Kobelco PH15V00012S006 2nd Sun Gear

Kobelco LQ15V00031F2 Final Drive Kobelco PH15V00012S007 2nd Reduction G

Kobelco LQ15V00031R100 Seal Kit Kobelco PH15V00012S011 Thrust Washer

Kobelco LQ15V00031R200 Repair Kit Kobelco PH15V00012S013 Cover

Kobelco LS15V00004S052 O-Ring Kobelco PH15V00012S014 Coupling

Kobelco LS15V00004S053 O-Ring Kobelco PH15V00012S022 Nut

Kobelco LS15V00013F1 MOTOR ASSY, HYD Kobelco PH15V00012S024 Main Bearing

Kobelco LS15V00014S033 Shim Kobelco PH15V00012S028 Needle Roller

Kobelco LS15V00020F3 Final Drive Kobelco PH15V00012S030 Inner Race

Kobelco LS15V00020F4 Final Drive Kobelco PH15V00012S045 Lid Clip

Kobelco LS15V0004S052 D-Ring Kobelco PH15V00012S102 Motor Shaft

Kobelco M3V150/90Z-RG3.5 Final Drive Kobelco PH15V00012S103 Swash Plate

Kobelco PA15V00002F1 Final Drive Kobelco PH15V00012S109 Valve Plate

Kobelco PA15V00002S118 Floating Seal Kobelco PH15V00012S115 Friction Plate

Kobelco PA15V01001S215 Ball Bearing Kobelco PM15V00002S016 Disc

Kobelco PE15V00002R100 Carrier Assembl Kobelco PM15V00002S025 Valve

Kobelco PH15V00002R140 Repair kit Kobelco PM15V00004S003 Hub Bearing

Kobelco PH15V00002R170 Cylinder Block Kobelco PM15V00004S005 O-Ring

Kobelco PH15V00002S106 Planetary Gear Kobelco PM15V00004S011 Inner Race

Kobelco PH15V00002S110 Ring Kobelco PM15V00004S012 Washer

Kobelco PH15V00002S120 Bearing needle Kobelco PM15V00004S013 Plate

Kobelco PH15V00009F1 Final Drive Kobelco PM15V00004S015 2nd Sun Gear

Kobelco PH15V00009F2 Final Drive Kobelco PM15V00004S025 Seat

Kobelco PH15V00009F3 Final Drive Kobelco PM15V00004S026 Cover

Kobelco PH15V00009R310 Rv Gear Assy Kobelco PM15V00004S029 Orifice

Kobelco PH15V00009R320 Spur Gear Kit Kobelco PM15V00005S021 O-Ring

Kobelco PH15V00009R340 Piston kit Kobelco PM15V00005S022 O-Ring

Kobelco PH15V00009R350 PISTON ASS'Y Kobelco PM15V00005S049 Plug

Kobelco PH15V00009R410 Repair Kit Kobelco PM15V00012F1 Final Drive

Kobelco PH15V00009R420 Rear Flange Kobelco PM15V00015S004 Nut

Kobelco PH15V00009S006 Sun Gear Kobelco PM15V00015S005 Plug
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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