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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Komatsu Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Komatsu 14X-27-11621 Hub Komatsu 154-27-12450 O-Ring

Komatsu 14X-27-11622 Hub Komatsu 154-27-12550 Ring

Komatsu 14X-27-11632 Holder Komatsu 154-27-12560 Retainer

Komatsu 14X-27-11633 Holder Komatsu 154-27-15110 Wear Guard L/H

Komatsu 14x-27-11721 Bearing Komatsu 154-27-15120 Wear Guard

Komatsu 14Y-27-00012 Final Drive Komatsu 154-27-15191 Shaft

Komatsu 14Y-27-00014 Final Drive Komatsu 154-27-15211 Spacer

Komatsu 14Y-27-00022 Final Drive Komatsu 154-27-15240 Lock

Komatsu 14Y-27-00310 Final Drive Komatsu 154-30-00821 Floating Seal

Komatsu 14Y-27-11155 Cover Komatsu 154-30-00831 Floating Seal

Komatsu 14Y-27-11162 Cover Komatsu 155-27-11211 Pin

Komatsu 150-15-11590 Spherical Beari Komatsu 155-27-12112 Shaft

Komatsu 150-27-00027 Floating Seal Komatsu 155-27-12121 Hub

Komatsu 150-27-00030 Floating Seal Komatsu 155-27-12130 Spacer

Komatsu 150-27-00181 Seal Ring Komatsu 155-27-12171 Sprocket Boss

Komatsu 150-27-00190 O-Ring Komatsu 155-27-12181 Bolt

Komatsu 150-27-00261 Seal Ring Komatsu 155-27-12210 Gear

Komatsu 150-27-00262 Seal Ring Komatsu 155-27-12320 Nut

Komatsu 150-27-00280 Seal Ring Komatsu 15A-27-11140 Pin

Komatsu 150-27-00282 Floating Seal Komatsu 15A-27-11150 Gear

Komatsu 150-27-11310 Roller Bearing Komatsu 15A-27-11230 Cage

Komatsu 150-27-12260 Bearing Komatsu 15A-27-11340 Gasket

Komatsu 150-27-21231 Washer Komatsu 15A-27-11341 Gasket

Komatsu 150-27-24250 Floating Seal Komatsu 15B-27-11250 Pin

Komatsu 150-27-31121 Pin Komatsu 15B-27-11340 Holder

Komatsu 150F1024-00 Coupling Komatsu 15B-27-11440 Key

Komatsu 15204674 Bolt Komatsu 15B-27-11530 Nut

Komatsu 154-27-00070 Shim Komatsu 15B-27-11560 Bolt

Komatsu 154-27-00112 Cover Ass'y Komatsu 15B-27-11910 Packing

Komatsu 154-27-00131 Shim Komatsu 15B-27-12220 Bearing

Komatsu 154-27-00170 Final Drive Komatsu 15B-27-12240 Collar

Komatsu 154-27-00230 Shaft Ass'y Komatsu 15B-27-13120 Wear Guard

Komatsu 154-27-00291 Support Ass' Komatsu 170-27-00030 Shim

Komatsu 154-27-00352 Final Drive Komatsu 170-27-00051 Floating Seal

Komatsu 154-27-05011 Service Kit Komatsu 170-27-00061 Seal Ring

Komatsu 154-27-11113 Case Komatsu 170-27-00091 O-Ring

Komatsu 154-27-11257 Pin Komatsu 170-27-00120 O-Ring

Komatsu 154-27-11310 Gear Komatsu 170-27-11224 Flange

Komatsu 154-27-11313 Gear Komatsu 170-27-11227 Flange

Komatsu 154-27-11314 Gear Komatsu 170-27-11324 Pin

Komatsu 154-27-11328 Pin Komatsu 170-27-11330 Washer

Komatsu 154-27-11373 Holder Komatsu 170-27-11751 Shim

Komatsu 154-27-11460 Gasket Komatsu 170-27-12150 Key

Komatsu 154-27-12111 Gear Komatsu 170-27-12162 Snap Ring

Komatsu 154-27-12120 Hub Komatsu 170-27-12210 Plate, Lock

Komatsu 154-27-12131 Sprocket Bos Komatsu 170-27-12340 Seal Ring

Komatsu 154-27-12151 Cover Komatsu 170-27-12362 Collar

Komatsu 154-27-12170 Wear Guard Komatsu 170-27-12453 Lock

Komatsu 154-27-12180 Wear Guard Komatsu 170-27-12461 Nut

Komatsu 154-27-12181 Wear Guard Komatsu 170-27-12491 Pin

Komatsu 154-27-12310 Shaft Komatsu 170-27-12510 Floating Seal

Komatsu 154-27-12320 Bolt Komatsu 170-27-12511 Floating Seal

Komatsu 154-27-12334 Support Komatsu 170-27-12520 O-Ring

Komatsu 154-27-12362 Cover Komatsu 175-06-05010 O-Ring

Komatsu 154-27-12380 Seal Komatsu 175-27-00010 Shim

Komatsu 154-27-12423 Spacer Komatsu 175-27-00051 Shim

Komatsu 154-27-12441 O-Ring Komatsu 175-27-00081 Support
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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