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The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Komatsu Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Komatsu 175-27-00092 Floating Komatsu 17A-27-00031U Final Drive

Komatsu 175-27-00101 Seal Ring Komatsu 17A-27-00041 Final Drive

Komatsu 175-27-00102 Seal Ring Komatsu 17A-27-11161 Carrier

Komatsu 175-27-00131 Seal Ring Komatsu 17A-27-11221 Gear

Komatsu 175-27-00150 O-Ring Komatsu 17A-27-11310 Bearing

Komatsu 175-27-05011 Service Komatsu 17A-27-11381 Plate

Komatsu 175-27-05021 Service Kit Komatsu 17A-27-11411 Cage

Komatsu 175-27-11150 Shim Komatsu 17A-27-11431 Cover

Komatsu 175-27-11180 Guard Komatsu 17A-27-11461 Lock

Komatsu 175-27-11190 Dowel Pin Komatsu 17M-27-00032 Final Drive

Komatsu 175-27-11322 Pin Komatsu 17M-27-00033 Final Drive

Komatsu 175-27-11323 Pin Komatsu 17M-27-00034 Final Drive

Komatsu 175-27-11331 Key Komatsu 17M-27-00035 Final Drive

Komatsu 175-27-12160 Gear Komatsu 17M-27-00040 Final Drive

Komatsu 175-27-12180 Bolt Komatsu 17M-27-00042 Final Drive

Komatsu 175-27-22242 Cover Komatsu 17M-27-00043 Final Drive

Komatsu 175-27-22250 Washer Komatsu 17M-27-00100 Floating Seal

Komatsu 175-27-22255 Washer Komatsu 17M-27-00120 Floating Seal

Komatsu 175-27-22271 Nut Komatsu 17M-27-00121 Floating Seal

Komatsu 175-27-22272 Nut Komatsu 17M-27-00130 Shim

Komatsu 175-27-22331 Bolt Komatsu 17M-27-00140 Seal Ring

Komatsu 175-27-31113 Case Komatsu 17M-27-00150 O-Ring

Komatsu 175-27-31114 Case Komatsu 17M-27-00162 Final Drive

Komatsu 175-27-31190 Shim Komatsu 17M-27-00163 Final Drive

Komatsu 175-27-31231 Pin Komatsu 170-27-00070 S.Ring Ass'y

Komatsu 175-27-31270 Spacer Komatsu 170-27-00080 Seal Ring

Komatsu 175-27-31281 Holder Komatsu 170-27-00081 Seal Ring

Komatsu 175-27-31310 Shim Komatsu 170-27-00140 O-Ring

Komatsu 175-27-31320 Shim Komatsu 170-27-11153 Shim

Komatsu 175-27-31340 Shaft Komatsu 170-27-11215 Pin

Komatsu 175-27-31341 Shaft Komatsu 170-27-11222 Flange

Komatsu 175-27-31343 Shaft, Sprocket Komatsu 170-27-11232 Washer

Komatsu 175-27-31360 Gear, Final Dri Komatsu 170-27-11245 Washer

Komatsu 175-27-31361 Gear, Final Dri Komatsu 170-27-11246 Washer

Komatsu 175-27-31362 Gear, Final Dri Komatsu 170-27-11323 Pin

Komatsu 175-27-31383 Hub, Sprocket Komatsu 170-27-11325 Pin

Komatsu 175-27-31394 Boss, Sprocket Komatsu 170-27-12141 Hub

Komatsu 175-27-31411 Collar Komatsu 170-27-12231 Nut

Komatsu 175-27-31420 Spacer Komatsu 170-27-12321 Bushing

Komatsu 175-27-31440 Bushing Komatsu 170-27-12414 Shaft

Komatsu 175-27-31461 Flange Komatsu 170-27-12512 Floating Seal

Komatsu 175-27-31463 Flange Komatsu 170-27-12513 Floating Seal

Komatsu 175-27-31472 Gasket Komatsu 175-27-00020 Pin

Komatsu 175-27-31492 Pin Komatsu 175-27-00060 O-Ring

Komatsu 175-27-31495 Pin Komatsu 175-27-00093 Floating

Komatsu 175-27-31540 Lock Komatsu 175-27-00110 O-Ring

Komatsu 175-27-31550 Lock Komatsu 175-27-11140 Spacer

Komatsu 175-27-32510 Pin Komatsu 175-27-11160 Shim

Komatsu 175-27-32611 Guard, Lh Komatsu 175-27-11210 Pin

Komatsu 175-27-32641 Guard, Rh Komatsu 175-27-11310 Gear

Komatsu 175-27-32710 Floating Seal Komatsu 175-27-12190 Lock

Komatsu 178-27-11150 Bolt Komatsu 175-27-21131 Pin

Komatsu 178-27-11150E Bolt Komatsu 175-27-21132 Pin

Komatsu 178-27-11190 Support Komatsu 175-27-21190 Shim

Komatsu 178-27-11210 Wear Guard Komatsu 175-27-21270 Lock

Komatsu 178-27-11241 Hub Komatsu 175-27-21463 Flange

Komatsu 17A-27-00020 Shim Komatsu 175-27-22130 Spacer
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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