The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Komatsu Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Komatsu 209-27-51212 Gear Komatsu 20N-60-31680 O-Ring

Komatsu 209-27-51241 Shaft Komatsu 20N-60-42200 Motor Ass'y

Komatsu 209-27-51290 Gear Komatsu 20N-60-72130 O-Ring

Komatsu 209-27-51320 Housing Komatsu 20P-60-71140 O-Ring

Komatsu 209-27-51420 Spacer Komatsu 20R-27-11510 Shaft

Komatsu 209-27-51470 Nipple Komatsu 20R-60-00100 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-61210 Cover Komatsu 20R-60-21200 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-61260 Holder Komatsu 20R-60-31100 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-61280 Gear Komatsu 20R-60-72120 Motor Ass'y

Komatsu 209-27-61360 Bearing Komatsu 20S-60-22102 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-61370 Seal Ring Komatsu 20S-60-33101 Motor Assembly

Komatsu 209-27-61380 O-Ring Komatsu 20S-60-82121 Motor Assm

Komatsu 209-27-71161 Gear Komatsu 20S-60-82130 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71181 Gear Komatsu 20S-80-12101 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71213 Carrier Komatsu 205-27-00030 Shim

Komatsu 209-27-71231 Cover Komatsu 205-27-00080 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71233 Cover Komatsu 205-27-00081 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71241 Hub Komatsu 205-27-11480 Nut

Komatsu 209-27-71252 Shaft Komatsu 205-27-51132 Gasket

Komatsu 209-27-71261 Gear Komatsu 205-27-51210 Lock

Komatsu 209-27-71280 Lock Nut Komatsu 205-27-51310 Gear

Komatsu 209-27-71370 O-Ring Komatsu 205-27-51350 Shim

Komatsu 209-27-71390 Gear Komatsu 205-27-62180 Case Ass'y

Komatsu 209-27-71440 Bearing Komatsu 205-27-71471 Hub

Komatsu 209-27-71480 Pin Komatsu 205-27-71480 Shaft

Komatsu 20C-60-32600 Motor Komatsu 205-27-71481 Shaft

Komatsu 20D-27-11111 Pin Komatsu 205-27-71490 Cover

Komatsu 20D-27-11321 Brake Shoe A Komatsu 205-27-71492 Cover

Komatsu 20D-27-11420 Plate Komatsu 205-27-71510 Carrier

Komatsu 20D-27-11450 Nut Komatsu 205-27-71520 Gear - Annulus

Komatsu 20D-27-11460 Nut Komatsu 205-27-71531 Gear - Annulus

Komatsu 20D-27-11470 Nut Komatsu 205-27-71540 Planetary Gear

Komatsu 20D-27-13130 Pin Komatsu 205-27-71550 Gear - Sun / Pi

Komatsu 20D-27-13270 Pin Komatsu 205-27-71560 Bearing Pair (w

Komatsu 20D-27-13271 Pin Komatsu 205-27-71591 Collar

Komatsu 20D-27-13320 Washer Komatsu 205-27-71610 Plate

Komatsu 20D-27-13360 Washer Komatsu 205-27-71630 Gear - Flat Pla

Komatsu 20D-27-13470 Shaft Komatsu 205-27-71631 Gear - Flat Pla

Komatsu 20D-27-13490 Flange Komatsu 205-27-71632 Gear - Flat Pla

Komatsu 20D-27-13520 Nut Komatsu 205-27-71650 Shim

Komatsu 20D-27-13570 Shaft Komatsu 205-27-71660 Shim

Komatsu 20D-27-13780 Shim Komatsu 205-27-71680 Bolt

Komatsu 20D-27-13840 Ring Komatsu 205-30-00052 Floating Seal

Komatsu 20D-27-13910 Roller Bearing Komatsu 205-30-00052E Floating Seal

Komatsu 20D-27-14140 Rivet Komatsu 205-43-74290 O-Ring

Komatsu 20D-27-14150 Pin Komatsu 206-27-00022 Final Drive

Komatsu 20D-27-14240 Spring Komatsu 206-27-00026 Final Drive

Komatsu 20D-27-14250 Lining Komatsu 206-27-00032 Final Drive

Komatsu 20D-27-14280 Nut Komatsu 206-27-00037 Final Drive

Komatsu 20G-26-31250 Bearing Komatsu 206-27-00101 Final Drive

Komatsu 20G-26-31400 O-Ring Komatsu 206-27-00102 Final Drive

Komatsu 20J-26-32140 Screw Komatsu 206-27-00201 Final Drive

Komatsu 20K-22-31370 Taper Roller Be Komatsu 206-27-00204 Final Drive

Komatsu 20M-60-11132 Final Drive Komatsu 206-27-00421 Final Drive

Komatsu 20M-60-25001 Final Drive Komatsu 206-27-00422 Final Drive

Komatsu 20M-60-91301 Travel Motor Komatsu 206-27-21130 Shaft

Komatsu 20N-01-15330 O-Ring Komatsu 206-27-42520 Gear
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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