The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Komatsu Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Komatsu 207-27-00010 Floating Seal Komatsu 20T-60-72120 Travel Motor

Komatsu 207-27-00020 Seal Ring Komatsu 20T-60-78120 Motor Ass'y

Komatsu 207-27-00040 Planetary Gear Komatsu 20T-60-82120 Motor Ass'y

Komatsu 207-27-00050 Final Drive Komatsu 20T-60-82121 Final Drive

Komatsu 207-27-00051 Final Drive Komatsu 20U-60-23320 Motor Ass'y

Komatsu 207-27-00052 Final Drive Komatsu 20U-60-23331 Motor Ass'y

Komatsu 207-27-00053 Final Drive Komatsu 20U-60-23410 Final Drive

Komatsu 207-27-00054 Final Drive Komatsu 20W-60-12570 Shoe

Komatsu 207-27-00054R Final Drive Komatsu 20W-60-12580 Holder

Komatsu 207-27-00102 Final Drive Komatsu 20W-60-12750 Ball Bearing

Komatsu 207-27-00104 Final Drive Komatsu 20X-60-21100 Motor A

Komatsu 207-27-00120 Floating Seal Komatsu 20X-60-27100 Motor Ass'y

Komatsu 207-27-00130 Floating Seal Komatsu 20X-60-27101 Motor Ass'y

Komatsu 207-27-00260R Final Drive Komatsu 20Y-27-00010 Final Drive

Komatsu 207-27-00440 Final Drive Komatsu 20Y-27-00012 Final Drive

Komatsu 207-27-00471 Final Drive Komatsu 20Y-27-00013 Final Drive

Komatsu 207-27-11370 Pin Komatsu 20Y-27-00031 Spacer

Komatsu 207-27-11380 Shaft Komatsu 20Y-27-00110 Floating Seal

Komatsu 207-27-12110 Shaft Komatsu 20Y-27-00201 Final Drive

Komatsu 207-27-12140 Shaft Komatsu 20Y-27-00211 Final Drive

Komatsu 207-27-12150 Gear Komatsu 20Y-27-00214 Final Drive

Komatsu 207-27-21210 Key Komatsu 20Y-27-00301 Final Drive

Komatsu 207-27-31130 Gasket Komatsu 20Y-27-00352 Final Drive

Komatsu 207-27-31170 Gasket Komatsu 20Y-27-00440 Final Drive

Komatsu 207-27-33111 Shaft - Spindle Komatsu 20Y-27-00441 Final Drive

Komatsu 207-27-33113 Shaft - Spindle Komatsu 20Y-27-00450 Floating Seal

Komatsu 207-27-33121 Hub Komatsu 20Y-27-00590 Final Drive

Komatsu 207-27-33171 Gear - Sun Komatsu 20Y-27-11320 Spacer

Komatsu 207-27-33211 Gear - Flat Pla Komatsu 20Y-27-11330 Spacer

Komatsu 207-27-33310 Shim Komatsu 20Y-27-11390 Spacer

Komatsu 207-27-33341 Spacer Komatsu 20Y-27-11570 Bearing Main

Komatsu 207-27-33350 Spacer Komatsu 20Y-27-11582 Sprocket

Komatsu 207-27-33430 Spacer Komatsu 20Y-27-13120U Hub

Komatsu 207-27-33470 Spacer Komatsu 20Y-27-13130 Shaft Top Sun G

Komatsu 207-27-33480 Spacer Komatsu 20Y-27-13170 Holder

Komatsu 207-27-33510 Spacer Komatsu 20Y-27-13180 Bearing x 2 Wit

Komatsu 207-27-51291U Cover Komatsu 20Y-27-13210 Gear Intermedia

Komatsu 207-27-52140 Planetary Ge Komatsu 20Y-27-13240 Pin

Komatsu 207-27-52150 Ring Gear Komatsu 20Y-27-13260 Bearing Planeta

Komatsu 207-27-52160 Hub Komatsu 20Y-27-13270 Retainer

Komatsu 207-27-52220 Bearing Komatsu 20Y-27-13281 Bolt

Komatsu 207-27-52290 Spacer Komatsu 20Y-27-21120U Hub

Komatsu 207-27-52320 Bearing Komatsu 20Y-27-21240 Thrust Washer

Komatsu 207-27-52341 Bolt Komatsu 20Y-27-21280 Pin

Komatsu 207-27-61230 Bearing Komatsu 20Y-27-21331 Locknut

Komatsu 207-27-61260 Lock nut Komatsu 20Y-27-21341 Lock

Komatsu 207-27-61261 Lock Nut Komatsu 20Y-27-21360 Bolt

Komatsu 207-27-61280 Button Komatsu 20Y-27-22110 Shaft - Upper S

Komatsu 207-27-61310 Bearing Komatsu 20Y-27-22120 Gear - Upper Pl

Komatsu 207-27-62170 Carrier Komatsu 20Y-27-22140 Gear - Lower Pl

Komatsu 207-27-62190 Hub Komatsu 20Y-27-22150 Gear - Annulus

Komatsu 207-27-63140 Gear Komatsu 20Y-27-22160 Carrier - Upper

Komatsu 207-27-63150 Gear Komatsu 20Y-27-22170 Carrier - Lower

Komatsu 207-27-63160 Carrier Komatsu 20Y-27-22181 Hub

Komatsu 207-27-63210 Bearing Komatsu 20Y-27-22210 Bearing - Upper

Komatsu 20T-27-11530 Gear Komatsu 20Y-27-22240 Thrust Washer

Komatsu 20T-60-00130 Final Drive Komatsu 20Y-27-22261 Locknut
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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