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The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Komatsu Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Komatsu 209-27-00130 Final Drive Komatsu 21P-26-K0030 Spring Retainer

Komatsu 209-27-00160 Floating Seal Komatsu 21P-26-K1220 O-Ring

Komatsu 209-27-00190 Spacer Komatsu 21P-26-K1280 Screw

Komatsu 209-27-00242 Final Drive Komatsu 21P-26-K1410 O-Ring

Komatsu 209-27-00250 Final Drive Komatsu 21P-27-00010 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-00251 Final Drive Komatsu 21P-27-K1270 Plug

Komatsu 209-27-00271 Final Drive Komatsu 21P-27-K1360 Brake Spring

Komatsu 209-27-11162 Housing Komatsu 21P-27-K1480 1st Reduction A

Komatsu 209-27-11172 Case Komatsu 21P-27-K1490 2nd Sun Gear

Komatsu 209-27-11191 Cover Komatsu 21P-27-K1510 2nd Reduction G

Komatsu 209-27-11353 Gear Komatsu 21P-27-K1530 Screw

Komatsu 209-27-11363 Shaft Komatsu 21P-27-K1550 Bushing

Komatsu 209-27-11381 Spacer Komatsu 21P-27-K1560 Hub (Includes M

Komatsu 209-27-11390 Holder Komatsu 21P-27-K1590 O-Ring

Komatsu 209-27-11421 Pin Komatsu 21P-27-K1610 Snap Ring

Komatsu 209-27-11430 Bearing Komatsu 21P-27-K1620 Spring Retainer

Komatsu 209-27-11440 Holder Komatsu 21P-27-K1630 Screw

Komatsu 209-27-11451 Gear Komatsu 21P-27-K1640 Brake Shaft

Komatsu 209-27-11461 Shaft Komatsu 21P-27-K1650 O-Ring

Komatsu 209-27-11481 Plate Komatsu 21P-27-K1690 2nd Sun Gear

Komatsu 209-27-11491 Retainer Komatsu 21P-27-K1710 2nd Gear Reduct

Komatsu 209-27-11541 Spacer Komatsu 21P-27-K1720 1st Sun Gear

Komatsu 209-27-11542 Spacer Komatsu 21P-27-K1730 1st Reduction A

Komatsu 21K-60-21202 Final Drive Komatsu 21P-27-K1780 Ring

Komatsu 21M-27-00010 Final Drive Komatsu 21P-63-K1770 O-Ring

Komatsu 21M-27-00030 Final Drive Komatsu 21T-27-00020 Shim

Komatsu 21N-27-00011 Xinal Dr Komatsu 21T-27-00030 Shim

Komatsu 21N-27-00030 Shim Komatsu 21T-27-00070 Shim

Komatsu 21N-27-00041 Final Dr Komatsu 21T-27-00103 Final Drive

Komatsu 21N-27-00052 Final Dr Komatsu 21T-27-00113 Final Drive

Komatsu 21N-27-00110R Final Drive Komatsu 21T-27-11260 Gear

Komatsu 21N-27-11110 Case Komatsu 21T-27-11291 Carrier

Komatsu 21N-27-11140 Housing Komatsu 21T-27-11311 Housing

Komatsu 21N-27-11152 Case Komatsu 21T-27-11330 Bearing Roller

Komatsu 21N-27-11160 Carrier Komatsu 21T-27-11390 Guard

Komatsu 21N-27-11190 Shaft Komatsu 21T-27-11391 Guard

Komatsu 21N-27-11210 Gear Komatsu 21T-27-11410 Guard

Komatsu 21N-27-11260 Gear Komatsu 21T-27-11411 Guard

Komatsu 21N-27-11281 Shaft Komatsu 21T-27-11460 Bearing

Komatsu 21N-27-11331 Retainer Komatsu 21T-27-11510 O-Ring

Komatsu 21N-27-11510 Case Komatsu 21T-27-11610 Shim

Komatsu 21N-27-11520 Case Komatsu 21T-27-11630 Case

Komatsu 21N-27-11530 Case Komatsu 21T-27-11650 Case

Komatsu 21N-27-11570 Gear Komatsu 21T-27-11660 Case

Komatsu 21N-27-11580 Case Komatsu 21T-27-11670 Gasket

Komatsu 21N-27-11590 Case Komatsu 21T-27-11750 Shim

Komatsu 21N-27-31110 Gear Komatsu 21T-27-11760 Shim

Komatsu 21N-27-31120 Gear Komatsu 21T-27-11770 Shim

Komatsu 21N-27-31130 Gear Komatsu 21T-27-11811 Gear

Komatsu 21N-27-31160 Cover Komatsu 21T-27-11860 Shim

Komatsu 21N-27-31210 Bearing Komatsu 21T-27-11880 Lock

Komatsu 21N-27-31231 Holder Komatsu 21T-27-11890 Bolt

Komatsu 21N-27-31240 Shaft Komatsu 21T-27-71190 Shaft

Komatsu 21N-27-31250 Gear Komatsu 21T-27-71390 Bearing

Komatsu 21N-27-31271 Lock Nut Komatsu 21W-09-R4250 Reduction

Komatsu 21P-26-K0010 Flange Komatsu 21W-60-11110 Final Drive

Komatsu 21P-26-K0020 Drive Shaft Komatsu 21W-60-11200 Final Drive
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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