The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Komatsu Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Komatsu 21W-60-41202 Final Drive Komatsu 20D-27-14320 Washer

Komatsu 21W-60-R1201 Final Drive Komatsu 20D-27-14400 Repair Kit

Komatsu 22-580050-01 Floating Seal Komatsu 20E-14-K1451 O-Ring

Komatsu 22-580839-00 Floating Seal Komatsu 20G-26-31270 O-Ring

Komatsu 226-60-15110 Screw Komatsu 20G-26-31350 Circlip

Komatsu 226-60-15120 Pad - Thrust Komatsu 20J-26-32380 O-Ring

Komatsu 226-60-15130 Plug Komatsu 20P-60-71100 Motor Ass'y

Komatsu 226-60-15250 Hub (Includes M Komatsu 20P-60-73160 O-Ring

Komatsu 226-60-15270 Floating Seal Komatsu 20R-60-21100 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-11640 Bearing Komatsu 20R-60-31101 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-21191 Bolt Komatsu 20s-60-00100 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-21270 Plate Komatsu 20S-60-12100 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-21310 Shim Komatsu 20S-60-12101 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-21350 Bearing Komatsu 20S-60-22100 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-51150 Case Komatsu 20S-60-72120 Travel Motor

Komatsu 209-27-51160 Carrier Komatsu 20T-27-11130 Gasket

Komatsu 209-27-51180 Coupling Komatsu 20T-27-22120 Bolt

Komatsu 209-27-51213 Gear Komatsu 20T-60-25100 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-51220 Holder Komatsu 20T-60-25101 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-51230 Spacer Komatsu 20T-60-25300 Motor Ass'y

Komatsu 209-27-51240 Shaft Komatsu 20T-60-44100 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-51280 Shaft Komatsu 20U-60-12200 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-51310 Gear Komatsu 20U-60-42111 Motor Ass'y

Komatsu 209-27-51331 Retainer Komatsu 20W-60-12560 Piston

Komatsu 209-27-51480 Case Komatsu 20X-60-00100 Motor Ass'y

Komatsu 209-27-51550 Gear Komatsu 20X-60-11200 Motor Ass'y

Komatsu 209-27-51640 O-Ring Komatsu 20Y-27-00011 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-61120 Gear Komatsu 20Y-27-00014 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-61240 Pin Komatsu 20Y-27-00014U Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71121 Gear Komatsu 20Y-27-00015 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71141 Gear Komatsu 20Y-27-00016 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71170 Gear Komatsu 20Y-27-00018 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71181U Gear Komatsu 20Y-27-00019 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71190 Carrier Komatsu 20Y-27-00101 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71211 Carrier Komatsu 20Y-27-00102 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71212 Carrier Komatsu 20Y-27-00202 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71222 Carrier Komatsu 20Y-27-00203 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71232 Cover Komatsu 20Y-27-00204 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71251 Shaft Komatsu 20Y-27-00210 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71290 Lock Komatsu 20Y-27-00212 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71310 Pin Komatsu 20Y-27-00213 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71330 Spacer Komatsu 20Y-27-00300 Final Drive

Komatsu 209-27-71341 Holder Komatsu 20Y-27-11180 Bolt

Komatsu 209-27-71350 Plate Komatsu 20Y-27-11240 Holder

Komatsu 209-27-71360 Washer Komatsu 20Y-27-11340 Spacer

Komatsu 209-27-71380 Gear Komatsu 20Y-27-11370 Spacer

Komatsu 20B-27-11210 Bleed Valve Komatsu 20Y-27-11560 Bolt

Komatsu 20D-27-00020 Case Ass'y Komatsu 20Y-27-11561 Bolt

Komatsu 20D-27-11310 Cylinder Ass'y Komatsu 20Y-27-11581 Sprocket

Komatsu 20D-27-11320 Brake Shoe A Komatsu 20Y-27-13160 Pin

Komatsu 20D-27-11410 Boot Komatsu 20Y-27-13230U Carrier

Komatsu 20D-27-11440 Bolt Komatsu 20Y-27-13290 O-Ring

Komatsu 20D-27-13170 Washer Komatsu 226-60-15290 Hydraulic Motor

Komatsu 20D-27-13180 Washer Komatsu 226-60-15380 Swash Plate

Komatsu 20D-27-13240 Gear Komatsu 226-60-15390 Motor Shaft

Komatsu 20D-27-13590 Guard Komatsu 226-60-16420 Washer

Komatsu 20D-27-13650 Pin Komatsu 227-60-11171 Final Drive
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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