The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Komatsu Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Komatsu R208-27-00024 Final Drive Komatsu R850A1021-0 Ball Bearing -

Komatsu R208-27-00061 Final Drive Komatsu R850A1023-0 Needle Roller

Komatsu R208-27-00104 Travel Mtr W Komatsu R850A2007-1 Plate, Retainer

Komatsu R208-27-00151 Travel Mtr W Komatsu R851A1007-0 Spur Gear Ass'y

Komatsu R209-27-00041 Final Drive Komatsu R860A2009-0 Plate

Komatsu R209-27-00060 Final Drive Komatsu R860A2020-0 Spring

Komatsu R209-27-00062 Final Drive Komatsu R860A2051-0 Plug

Komatsu R209-27-00063 Final Drive Komatsu R860A2052-0 Retainer

Komatsu R20Y-27-00010 Travel Mtr W Komatsu R860A2053-1 Plug

Komatsu R20Y-27-00011 Travel Mtr W Komatsu R860A2056-0 Spring

Komatsu R20Y-27-00019 Travel Mtr W Komatsu R861A2052-0 Stopper

Komatsu R210062060 Ball Bearing Komatsu R861A9050-0 Seal Kit

Komatsu R210062070 Ball Bearing Komatsu R880A1101-0 Spindle

Komatsu R21-0062070 Ball Bearing Komatsu R880A2001-0 Flange

Komatsu R21K-27-00022 Travel Mtr W Komatsu R880A2002-0 Shaft

Komatsu R220F1014-0 Washer Komatsu R880A2004-0 Block Cylinder

Komatsu R220F1021-0 Collar Ass'y Komatsu R880A2012-0 Brake Piston

Komatsu R227N1006-0 Input Gear Komatsu R900A1017-0 Pin

Komatsu R230F-11020 Spindle Komatsu RO-G100-90 O-Ring

Komatsu R230F1102-0 Spindle Komatsu Roller 7x12mm Needle Roller

Komatsu R230F9200-0 Seal Kit Komatsu RT2T235373060 1st Reduction A

Komatsu R231F2023-0 Backup Ring Komatsu RT6650007630 Housing

Komatsu R300A1013-0 Piece Komatsu ST215 Ball Bearing

Komatsu R300A1103-0 R V Gear Ass'y Komatsu SUBF3153-09500 O-Ring

Komatsu R300A2003-0 Plate Komatsu SUBF3153-13000 O-Ring

Komatsu R300A2004-0 Cylinder Block Komatsu SX3081-01060 Floating Seal

Komatsu R300A2054-0 Valve Komatsu SX9566-41700 Backup Ring

Komatsu R300A2102-0 Piston Ass'y Komatsu TB1215 Gasket

Komatsu R300B1020-0 Collar Komatsu TZ002BG140 Ring - Back Up

Komatsu R300B2038-0 Valve Komatsu TZ00-2BG-140 Ring - Back Up

Komatsu R300B2043-0 Spring Komatsu TZ002BG170 Backup Ring

Komatsu R300B2101-0 Flange Komatsu TZ00-2BG-170 Backup Ring

Komatsu R323A1007-0 Spur Gear Komatsu TZ002WG028 Ring - Back Up

Komatsu R425-22-12001 Final Drive Komatsu TZ010F1027-00 Distant

Komatsu R425-22-12004 Final Drive Komatsu TZ015Z-17538 Oil Seal

Komatsu R430F2020-0 Cylinder Block Komatsu TZ019221533 Floating Seal

Komatsu R430F2102-0 Piston Ass'y Komatsu TZ01R005520 Snap Ring

Komatsu R550A1014-0 Distance Piece Komatsu TZ021C4018-0 Poppet

Komatsu R550A1017-0 Pin Komatsu TZ023C4007-0 Shim

Komatsu R550A1019-0 Reamer Bolt Komatsu TZ024C4106-0 Plug

Komatsu R550A2011-0 Spacer Komatsu TZ03205211 Oil Seal

Komatsu R550A2014-0 Spring Komatsu TZ04064-05020 Snap Ring

Komatsu R550A2102-0 Shoe Komatsu TZ043E1010-00 Collar

Komatsu R552A1007-0 Gear Ass'y Komatsu TZ0W46-13216 O-Ring

Komatsu R708-27-01091 Pump Piston Komatsu TZ0WG13120 O-Ring

Komatsu R708-27-01093 Pump Piston Komatsu TZ0WG-13120 O-Ring

Komatsu R708-27-01281 Pump Piston Komatsu TZ0WG13183 O-Ring

Komatsu R708-27-01282 Pump Piston Komatsu TZ0WG-13235 O-Ring

Komatsu R708-27-02015 Pump Piston Komatsu TZ0WP-06266 O-Ring

Komatsu R708-27-02024 Xump As Komatsu TZ100188BA627 Floating Seal

Komatsu R708-27-04011 Pump Piston Komatsu TZ100A1002-00 Spindle Ass'

Komatsu R708-27-04013 Pump Piston Komatsu TZ100A1003-00 Spindle Ass'y

Komatsu R800A1017-0 Pin Komatsu TZ100A1009-00 Crankshaft

Komatsu R800A2010-0 Washer Komatsu TZ100A1010-00 Distant Piece

Komatsu R800A2015-0 Brake Disc Plat Komatsu TZ100A1010-01 Distant Piece

Komatsu R800A2016-0 Brake Plate Komatsu TZ100A1017-00 Pin

Komatsu R850A1007-0 Gear Ass'y Komatsu TZ100A1019-00 Bolt
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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