The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Kubota Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Kubota 08101-06203 Ball Bearing Kubota 69745-73430U Spacer

Kubota 08101-06206 Ball Bearing Kubota 69745-73520 Circlip

Kubota 08103-06005 Ball Bearing Kubota 69745-73560 Sun Gear

Kubota 08103-06202 Bearing Kubota 69745-73570 Reduction Ass'y

Kubota 08103-06203 Ball Bearing Kubota 69748-61390 Final Drive

Kubota 08103-06206 Ball Bearing Kubota 86311-70760 Ball Bearing

Kubota 38450-25370 Ball Bearing Kubota 89911-12990 Ball Bearing

Kubota 66393-39490 Oil Seal Kubota LR001-F5110 O-Ring

Kubota 68191-13350 Bearing Kubota LR001-F5220 O-Ring

Kubota 68241-13580 Internal Circli Kubota LR001-F5290 1/2" BSP Plug

Kubota 68311-13340 Nut Kubota RA028-70330 Kit

Kubota 68311-13440 Thrust Plate Kubota RA029-61290 Final Drive

Kubota 68311-13480 1st Gear Carrie Kubota RA131-61290 Final Drive

Kubota 68311-13510 Needle Roller Kubota RA138-61290 Final Drive

Kubota 68311-13540 1st Sun Gear Kubota RB101-78120 Motor Shaft

Kubota 68311-13550 Thrust Plate - Kubota RB228-61280 Final Drive

Kubota 68311-13560 Thrust Plate - Kubota RB401-78130 Washer

Kubota 68311-13570 Thrust Plate - Kubota RB401-78470 O-Ring

Kubota 68311-13610 Wire Kubota RB411-78220 Swash Plate

Kubota 68311-13700 Final Drive Kubota RB511-72000 Seal Kit - Incl

Kubota 68311-61390 Final Drive Kubota RB511-78090 2nd Sun Gear

Kubota 68311-70630 Oil Seal Kubota RB511-78140 Plate 1.8mm

Kubota 68311-70640 Swash Plate Kubota RB511-78150 Plate 2.3mm

Kubota 68311-70650 Pin Kubota RC101-13320 Floating Seal

Kubota 68311-70700 Cylinder Block Kubota RC101-73710 Pin

Kubota 68311-70750 Valve Plate Kubota RC348-13460 Gear

Kubota 68311-70800 Cylinder Block Kubota RC348-61600 Final Drive

Kubota 68493-67490 Steel Ball Kubota RC401-13540 Sun Gear

Kubota 68493-71800 Swash Plate Kubota RC411-13440 Plate, Thrust B

Kubota 68493-71870 Oil Seal Kubota RC411-13520 Collar

Kubota 68511-14510 Shim Kubota 0417-00180 O-Ring

Kubota 68651-13390 Planetary Gear Kubota 04517-00070 O-Ring

Kubota 68651-13410 Needle Roller Kubota 04810-00080 O-Ring

Kubota 68651-13460 2nd Sun Gear Kubota 04810-00180 O-Ring

Kubota 68651-13540 Sun Gear Kubota 04810-01800 O-Ring

Kubota 68651-70730 Plate Retainer Kubota 04811-10350 O-Ring

Kubota 68651-70760 Ball Bearing Kubota 0481151300 O Ring

Kubota 68651-72550 Assy Valve Kubota 0481151450 O Ring

Kubota 68651-72570 O-Ring Kubota 04811-51450 O Ring

Kubota 68658-61290 Final Drive Kubota 04817-00120 O-Ring

Kubota 68671-13390 Gear Kubota 04817-00180 O-Ring

Kubota 68671-13430 Washer Kubota 04817-00290 O-Ring

Kubota 68671-13460 Centre Sun Gear Kubota 05411-00516 Pin

Kubota 68671-13540 Sun Gear Kubota 07715-03205 Steel Ball

Kubota 69371-91540 1st Planetary G Kubota 08101-06301 Ball Bearing

Kubota 69371-91550 1st Sun Gear Kubota 08101-06307 Bearing

Kubota 69371-9155-0 1st Sun Gear Kubota 08103-06004 Ball Bearing

Kubota 69715-73460 1st Reduction A Kubota 08711-30210 Bearing, Taper

Kubota 69725-61290 Final Drive Kubota 08711-30213 Bearing, Taper

Kubota 69725-61292 Final Drive Kubota 39791-12018 O-Ring

Kubota 69725-73000 Hydr Motor (Ass Kubota 3A152-31190 Bearing

Kubota 69725-73550 1st Sun Gear Kubota 4817-00110 O-Ring

Kubota 69725-73650 Snap Ring Kubota 68051-13330 Gear,Spur 13

Kubota 69741-13380 Plug Kubota 68051-18240 Gear,Spur 13

Kubota 6974573410 Floating Seal Kubota 68191-13320 Floating Seal

Kubota 69745-73410 Floating Seal Kubota 68191-13330 Bearing

Kubota 69745-73430 Spacer Kubota 68191-13460 2nd Sun Gear
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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