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The parts below are linked to our online store. Complete assemblies cannot currently be bought online; click to our final drive finder or swing motor finder to investigate options and request a quote.

Kobelco Part Number Description
72211282 Kobelco Snap Ring External Genuine
87668337 Kobelco Ring Toothed OEM
2404N427 Kobelco Sprocket Genuine
24100U1079S600 Kobelco Coupling OEM
2418R2D22 Kobelco Snap Ring External Non-Gen
2418R2D25 Kobelco Retaining Ring OEM
2425T321 Kobelco Steel Ball Non-Gen
2436U1427S25 Kobelco Plug (NPTF 1/ Genuine
2437U213S13 Kobelco Cylinder Block (R) + Genuine
2437U213S14 Kobelco Cylinder Block (L) + Genuine
2437U213S153 Kobelco Set plate Genuine
2438U988S19 Kobelco Steel Ball Genuine
2441U1040S10 Kobelco Coupling OEM
2441U1040S31 Kobelco Metric Taper Roller Non-Gen
2441U1040S32 Kobelco Metric Taper Roller Non-Gen
2441U1040S7 Kobelco Separator Plate OEM
2441U1065S15 Kobelco Coupling OEM
2441U1065S34 Kobelco Pin Genuine
2441U333S825 Kobelco Snap Ring External Genuine
2441U398S820 Kobelco Snap Ring External Genuine
2441U524S10 Kobelco Distance Piece Non-Gen
2441U532S10 Kobelco Distance Piece Genuine
2441U532S107 Kobelco Retainer Plate Genuine
2441U532S109 Kobelco Plate, Timing Genuine
2441U532S112 Kobelco Brake Piston Genuine
2441U532S115 Kobelco Brake Disc Plate Fri Genuine
2441U532S14 Kobelco Reamer Bolt Genuine
2441U532S149 Kobelco Ring Genuine
2441U532S150 Kobelco Ring Genuine
2441U532S25 Kobelco Plug Genuine
2441U722S490 Kobelco Plug (NPTF 1/ Genuine
2441U750S10 Kobelco Distance Piece (Early type with lip fo Genuine
2441U754S20 Kobelco Plug Genuine
2441U815R800 Kobelco Piston Ass'y Genuine
2441U815S107 Kobelco Retainer Plate Genuine
2441U815S109 Kobelco Plate, Timing Genuine
2441U815S11 Kobelco Collar Genuine
2441U815S12 Kobelco Spacer (For Cranksha Genuine
2441U815S14 Kobelco Distance Piece Genuine
2441U815S142 Kobelco Pin OEM
2441U815S15 Kobelco Coupling Genuine
2441U815S153 Kobelco Plate Genuine
2441U815S167 Kobelco Ball Genuine
2441U815S17 Kobelco Pin Genuine
2441U815S19 Kobelco Bolt OEM
2441U815S26 Kobelco Steel Ball Genuine
2441U815S33 Kobelco Plug Genuine
2441U829S19 Kobelco Reamer Bolt Non-Gen
2441U829S306 Kobelco Distance Piece (Late type with dowl hole fo Genuine
2441U829S33 Kobelco Plug Genuine
2441U831S107 Kobelco Retainer Plate Genuine
2441U831S108 Kobelco Thrust Ball Genuine
2441U831S18 Kobelco Clip Genuine
2441U831S19 Kobelco Reamer Bolt Genuine
2441U983S126 Kobelco Brake disc OEM
2441U983S130 Kobelco D-Ring Non-Gen
2441U984S35 Kobelco Plug Genuine
2441U984S42 Kobelco D-Ring Non-Gen
2441U995A20 Kobelco Thrust Plate Genuine
2441U995R800 Kobelco Piston Ass'y Genuine
2441U995S109 Kobelco Timing Plate Genuine
2441U995S116 Kobelco Plate Genuine
2441U995S12 Kobelco Distance Piece (Rank Genuine
2441U995S121 Kobelco 1/2" BSP Plug Genuine
2441U995S15 Kobelco Ring Genuine
2441U995S19 Kobelco Coupling Genuine
2441U995S191 Kobelco Spring Genuine
2441U995S192 Kobelco Plug Genuine
2441U995S20 Kobelco Thrust Plate Genuine
2441U995S34 Kobelco Pin Genuine
2441U995S36 Kobelco Steel Ball Genuine
EN01W00009S125 Kobelco Pivot OEM
LC10V00010S153 Kobelco Set plate Genuine
LC15VU0001S002 Kobelco Plug Genuine
LC15VU0001S003 Kobelco Washer OEM
LC15VU0001S006 Kobelco Pad OEM
LF15V00002S017 Kobelco Pin Genuine
LF15V00002S019 Kobelco Reamer Bolt Genuine
LF15V00002S107 Kobelco Piston Retainer Plat Genuine
LF15V00002S108 Kobelco Bowl Genuine
LF15V00002S113 Kobelco Brake Spring Genuine
LF15V00002S115 Kobelco Brake Disc Genuine
LF15V00002S116 Kobelco Plate Genuine
LP15V00001S019 Kobelco Reamer Bolt Genuine
LP15V00001S147 Kobelco Backup Ring Genuine
LP15V00001S148 Kobelco Backup Ring Genuine
LP53D01001P1 Kobelco Bolt Genuine
LP53D01001P1-G Kobelco Bolt Genuine
LQ10V00021R100 Kobelco Piston Kit (Set of 9 Genuine
LQ15V00007S060 Kobelco Friction Plate OEM
LQ15V00007S084 Kobelco Inner Race OEM
LQ15V00007S093 Kobelco Race OEM
LQ15V00020R600 Kobelco Cylinder Block Ass'y OEM
LQ15V00020S051 Kobelco Friction Plate OEM
LQ15V00020S078 Kobelco Thrust Plate OEM
LQ15V00020S084 Kobelco Inner Race OEM
PE15V00002R100 Kobelco Carrier Assembly Genuine
PH15V00009S033 Kobelco Plug (Large Head) Genuine
PH15V00009S268 Kobelco Steel Ball Genuine
PH15V00012S014 Kobelco Coupling Genuine
PH15V00012S022 Kobelco Nut Genuine
PH15V00012S030 Kobelco Inner Race Genuine
PH15V00012S045 Kobelco Lid Clip Genuine
PL05V00002S020 Kobelco Snap Ring External Genuine
PM15V00004S011 Kobelco Inner Race OEM
PM15V00009R200 Kobelco Cylinder Block Ass'y OEM
PM15V00015S011 Kobelco Inner Race OEM
PM15V00015S016 Kobelco Snap Ring External Non-Gen
PM15V00015S023 Kobelco Thrust Plate OEM
PM15V00015S033 Kobelco Ball Steel OEM
PM15V00021S049 Kobelco Back-Up Ring Non-Gen
PM15V00021S051 Kobelco Solid Back Up Ring Non-Gen
PV15V00002S006 Kobelco Ball Steel Genuine
PV15V00002S020 Kobelco Twin Speed Piston Sp Genuine
PV15V00005S011 Kobelco Inner Race Genuine
PV15V00005S012 Kobelco Thrust Washer Genuine
PV15V00005S020 Kobelco Inner Race Genuine
PV15V00005S023 Kobelco Thrust Plate Genuine
PV15V00005S024 Kobelco Thrust Plate Genuine
PV15V00005S025 Kobelco Thrust Plate OEM
PV15V00005S029 Kobelco Wire OEM
PV15V01007S011 Kobelco Inner Race Genuine
PV15V01007S012 Kobelco Thrust Washer Genuine
PV15V01007S020 Kobelco Inner Race Genuine
PW15V00018S019 Kobelco Reamer Bolt Genuine
PW15V00018S024 Kobelco Snap Ring External Genuine
PW15V00018S033 Kobelco Plug (Large Head) Genuine
PW15V00018S034 Kobelco Plug Genuine
PW15V00018S107 Kobelco Retainer Plate Genuine
PW15V00018S108 Kobelco Thrust Ball Genuine
PX15V00019S019 Kobelco Reamer Bolt Genuine
PX15V00019S024 Kobelco Snap Ring External Genuine
PX15V00019S033 Kobelco Plug (Large Head) Genuine
PX15V00019S034 Kobelco Plug Genuine
PX15V00019S107 Kobelco Retainer Plate Genuine
PX15V00019S108 Kobelco Thrust Ball Genuine
PX15V00025S009 Kobelco Thrust Washer 1 Genuine
PX15V00025S012 Kobelco Thrust W Genuine
PX15V00025S029 Kobelco Inner Race Genuine
PX15V00025S040 Kobelco Capscrew Genuine
PY15V00003S004 Kobelco Plate OEM
PY15V00003S005 Kobelco Plate OEM
PY15V00006S154 Kobelco Plug (NPTF 1/ Genuine
S12200-00035 Kobelco Snap Ring External Genuine
S13900-20250 Kobelco Steel Ball Genuine
S14211-31050 Kobelco Back-Up Genuine
S14211-31200 Kobelco Back Up Ring Non-Gen
S15018-10001 Kobelco Plug Genuine
S15018-10002 Kobelco Plug Genuine
S15018-10003 Kobelco Plug Genuine
S19031-10220 Kobelco Twin Speed Piston Sp Genuine
S19129-00711 Kobelco Inner Race Genuine
S19129-00712 Kobelco Washer Thrust Genuine
S19129-00720 Kobelco Inner Race Genuine
S19129-00723 Kobelco Thrust Plate Genuine
S19129-00726 Kobelco Wire Genuine
S19129-00729 Kobelco Thrust Plate Genuine
S19129-00730 Kobelco Thrust Plate Genuine
S19129-02411 Kobelco Inner Race Genuine
S19129-02412 Kobelco Thrust Washer Genuine
YJ15V00002S144 Kobelco Thrust Plate Genuine
YM15V00005S019 Kobelco Reamer Bolt Genuine
YM15VU0002S002 Kobelco Plug OEM
YM15VU0002S011 Kobelco Snap Ring External Genuine
YN10V00003S011 Kobelco Piston Kit (Set of 9 Genuine
YN10V00043R100 Kobelco Cylinder Block (R) + Genuine
YN10V00043R200 Kobelco Cylinder Block (L) + Genuine
YN15V00017S010 Kobelco Coupling OEM
YN15V00017S029 Kobelco Metric Taper Roller Non-Gen
YN15V00017S030 Kobelco Metric Taper Roller Non-Gen
YN15V00025R100 Kobelco Piston Set Genuine
YN15V00025S123 Kobelco Retainer Plate Genuine
YN15V00025S742 Kobelco Friction Plate OEM
YN15V00025S743 Kobelco Seperator Plate OEM
YN15V00027S379 Kobelco Filter Genuine
YN15V00037S162 Kobelco Steel Ball Genuine
YN32W01008P1 Kobelco Pinion OEM
YN32W01022P1 Kobelco Roller Pin OEM
YN32W01027P1 Kobelco Thrust Washer OEM
YN32W01028P1 Kobelco Washer, Thrust OEM
YN53D00008S003 Kobelco Carrier Pin No 1 Non-Gen
YR15V00002S121 Kobelco Plug Genuine
YT15V00002S104-Kit Kobelco Rotating Group Assy Genuine
YT15V00002S107 Kobelco Retainer Plate Genuine
YT15V00008S033 Kobelco Plug (Large Head) Genuine
YW15V00005S001 Kobelco Hub Genuine
YW15V00005S015 Kobelco Coupling Genuine
YW15V00005S017 Kobelco Pin Genuine
YW15V00005S019 Kobelco Reamer Bolt Non-Gen
YW15V00005S107 Kobelco Plate Genuine
YX15V00003S146 Kobelco Plug Genuine
YY15V00015R440 Kobelco Rotary Kit Genuine
YY15V00015S015 Kobelco Coupling Genuine
YY15V00015S107 Kobelco Retainer Plate Genuine
YY15V00015S108 Kobelco Ball Guide Genuine
YY15V00015S115 Kobelco Friction Plate Genuine
YY15V00015S116 Kobelco Steel Plate Genuine
YY15V00015S167 Kobelco Pivot OEM
ZD85G17000 Kobelco Backup Ring Genuine
ZD85P00500 Kobelco Backup Ring Genuine
ZD85P00600 Kobelco Backup Ring Genuine
ZD85P00700 Kobelco Back-Up Ring Genuine
ZD85P02000 Kobelco Backup Ring Genuine
ZD85P02100 Kobelco Backup Ring Genuine
ZD85P14500 Kobelco Backup Ring Genuine
ZD85P18000 Kobelco Back up Ring Split Genuine
ZD85P21000 Kobelco Back up Ring Split Genuine
ZE82T02000 Kobelco Plug Genuine
ZE82T04000 Kobelco Plug Genuine
ZE82T06000 Kobelco Plug Genuine
ZR16X01500 Kobelco Snap Ring External Genuine
ZR16X01900 Kobelco Snap Ring External Genuine
ZR16X02500 Kobelco Snap Ring External Genuine
ZR16X02800 Kobelco Snap Ring External Non-Gen
ZR16X03000 Kobelco Snap Ring External Non-Gen
ZR16X03500 Kobelco Snap Ring External Genuine
ZR16X04000 Kobelco Snap Ring External Genuine
ZR16X06500 Kobelco Snap Ring External Genuine
ZS18C14035 Kobelco Bolt Genuine
ZS23C08020 Kobelco Hex Socket Plug Genuine