The Final Drive Centre

The Total Solution for Excavator Final Drives

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The Final Drive Centre

Spare Parts for Kubota Final

Drives & Travel Motors

Kubota 01311-11025 Bolt Kubota 69371-91570 Wire

Kubota 04612-00300 Cir Clip Extern Kubota 69715-73550 Sun Gear

Kubota 04810-00110 O-Ring Kubota 69725-73420 Circlip

Kubota 04810-00110E O-Ring Kubota 69725-73430 2nd Reduction G

Kubota 04810-00140 O-Ring Kubota 69725-7343-0 2nd Reduction G

Kubota 04810-00240 O-Ring Kubota 69725-73460 1st Reduction A

Kubota 0481151100 O Ring Kubota 69725-73490 Plug

Kubota 04811-51100 O Ring Kubota 69745-73460 Bearing

Kubota 04811-51250 O-Ring Kubota 69745-73490 2nd Reduction G

Kubota 04817-00140 O-Ring Kubota LR001-F5000 Final Drive

Kubota 0481700220 O Ring Kubota LR001-F5120 O-Ring

Kubota 05411-00414 Pin Kubota LR001-F5130 O-Ring

Kubota 07715-00803 Steel Ball - 3/ Kubota LR001-F5140 Floating Seal

Kubota 08101-06008 Bearing Kubota LR001-F5150 O-Ring

Kubota 08103-06002 Ball Bearing Kubota LR001-F5160 Oil Seal

Kubota 08103-06204 Ball Bearing Kubota LR001-F5170 O-Ring

Kubota 08103-06205 Ball Bearing Kubota LR001-F5230 Ring

Kubota 08103-06207 Ball Bearing Kubota LR001-F5260 Plug

Kubota 08103-06304 Bearing Kubota LR001-F5270 Plug

Kubota 08641-00307 Bearing Kubota LR001-F5280 Valve

Kubota 66363-39560 Oil Seal Kubota LR001-F5590 Floating Seal

Kubota 68051-14310 Axle Kubota RA028-70260 Valve

Kubota 68051-14330 Collar Kubota RA131-70330 Seal Kit

Kubota 68051-62380 Plug Kubota RA251-78060 Shaft Assy

Kubota 68191-13540 Sun Gear Kubota RB101-78160 Bearing

Kubota 68191-70610 Motor Shaft Kubota RB238-78070 Barrel, Cylinde

Kubota 68271-13530 Collar Kubota RB401-78240 Sun Gear

Kubota 68311-13320 Floating Seal Kubota RB401-78310 Wire

Kubota 68311-13380 Plug Kubota RB401-78330 Motor Shaft

Kubota 68311-13390 2nd Reduction G Kubota RB401-78610 Spring

Kubota 68311-13430 Thrust Washer Kubota RB411-78090 Seal

Kubota 68311-13450 Countersunk Scr Kubota RB411-78180 Body, Motor

Kubota 68311-13460 2nd Sun Gear Kubota RB411-78200 Cylinder Assy

Kubota 68311-13490 1st Planetary G Kubota RB511-78070 Gear

Kubota 68311-13520 Inner Race Kubota RB511-78080 Inner Race

Kubota 68311-13580 Cover Kubota RB511-78120 Planetary Gear

Kubota 68311-70600 Assy Cylinder P Kubota RB511-78130 Sun Gear

Kubota 68311-70620 Ball Bearing Kubota RB511-78180 Plug

Kubota 68311-70720 Ball Guide Kubota RC101-13460 Gear

Kubota 68311-70770 O-Ring Kubota RC101-73610 Motor Shaft

Kubota 68311-72290 O-Ring Kubota RC101-73630 Oil Seal

Kubota 68518-71120 Ball Bearing Kubota RC101-73632 Oil Seal

Kubota 68591-11210 Cover Kubota RC348-13420 Collar

Kubota 68651-13510 Needle Roller Kubota RC348-13490 Gear

Kubota 68651-61290 Final Drive Kubota RC348-13540 Sun Gear

Kubota 68651-70610 Motor Shaft Kubota 04611-00900 Circlip, Intern

Kubota 68651-70620 Ball Bearing Kubota 04612-00450 Snap Ring

Kubota 68651-72540 Body Valve Kubota 04810-00070 O-Ring

Kubota 68671-13420 Inner Bearing R Kubota 04810-00120 O-Ring

Kubota 68671-13490 Primar Planetar Kubota 04810-00140E O-Ring

Kubota 68671-13580 Cover Kubota 04810-00290 O-Ring

Kubota 68671-13590 O-Ring Kubota 04817-00070 O-Ring

Kubota 68671-13610 Wire Kubota 04817-00080 O-Ring

Kubota 68671-70610 Motor Shaft Kubota 04817-00110 O-Ring

Kubota 6919161290 Final Drive Kubota 04817-00240 O-Ring

Kubota 69191-61290 Final Drive Kubota 04817-00260 O-Ring

Kubota 69371-91560 O-Ring Kubota 08101-06004 Ball Bearing
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their
owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data
All manufacturers trade marks and names are recognized as belonging to their owners. There are some deliberately wrong numbers in this data

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