Final Drive Manufacturers

Final drives and swing motor assemblies can be of two types: plug-in motor and gearbox, or totally integrated units. The design of your drive will dictate what options are available. The approaches adopted by final drive manufacturers and swing motor manufacturers are outlined below.

The model, serial and part number information can be found on the product plate; some examples are shown here. If it is missing or damaged, you may recognise your drive from the photos shown below. This will help your FDC Partner identify the correct replacement options.

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Bonfiglioli Gearbox

A Bonfiglioli gearbox is designed as either an integrated or plug-in gearbox. Bonfiglioli often use their gearbox with a travel motor from other manufacturers. They also own Trasmital, O&K, SOM and Comer brands with examples of each shown below.

Daikin Hydraulic Drive

Sauer Danfoss Daikin mostly supply hydraulic drive motors for tracked dumpers like Morooka, and skid steer drives for several manufacturers.

Doosan Final Drive

Doosan acquired Tong Myung and now offer both brands. Their final drive products feature integral travel motors and gearbox.

Eaton Hydraulic Motor

Eaton, formerly Sumitomo Eaton, supply Eaton hydraulic motor and Eaton final drive, Sumitomo Eaton, Jeil and Char Lynn final drive brands.

FDC Final Drive

FDC final drives are built in Italy, Germany, and Japan by major OEM's. The superior build and our machine knowledge ensures an FDC final drive fits your machine perfectly and performs exactly as required.

Hitachi Final Drive

Hitachi produce the widest range of hydraulic exacavators in the world. They generally source travel drives for machines up to 4 tonnes from other manufacturers but design and manufacture a hitachi final drive for their larger machines.

Kawasaki Final Drive

Kawasaki has been supplying excavator hydraulic pumps and motors since the 1960's and as a result a Kawasaki final drive is found on a wide range of machine brands.

Komatsu Final Drive

Komatsu generally source final drives for machines up to 15 tonnes from other manufacturers but design and manufacture a Komatsu final drive for their larger machines.

Kubota Final Drive

A Kubota final drive is traditionally sourced from the major Japanese and European manufacturers but they have recently begun manufacturing their own drives.

KYB Final Drive

KYB manufacture what were formerly known as the Kayaba hydraulic motor and Kayaba final drive gearbox. KYB also manufacture integrated assemblies. FDC stock a wide range of KYB final drive parts and Kayaba final drive parts.

Nabtesco Final Drive

Nabtesco was formed from a merger of Nabco and Teijin-Seiki. New drives are marketed as a Nabtesco final drive with legacy brands of Teijin-Seiki final drive, Hy-Dash final drive and Nabco final drive, as well as Hyest, Toshiba and Shibaura swing motors. Nabtesco manufacture integral drives as well as separate travel motors and gearboxes. FDC stock a wide range of hy dash final drive parts.

Nachi Final Drive

The company Nachi-Fujikoshi supply the Nachi final drive and swing motor for machines up to around 6 tonnes. The drives are normally an integral motor and gearbox.

PMP Final Drive

PMP has several ranges of integrated and plugin gearboxes and motors for a variety of tracked and other applications

Poclain Final Drive

Poclain predominantly supply hydraulic drive motors for skid steer and compact track loaders.

Rexroth Hydraulic Motor

Bosch Rexroth is the result of a merger between Mannesmann Rexroth and the automation technology business of Robert Bosch, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch. As a result of acquisitions, Rexroth owned a number of legacy brands which included Lohmann & Stolterfoht and Uchida. Rexroth hydraulic motor gearboxes were often supplied by Lohman Stollerfoht. A Rexroth hydraulic motor is frequently used for skid steer and compact track loaders. FDC stock a wide range of rexroth final drive parts.