Under normal operating circumstances, the following steps should be followed to minimise the risk of premature failure of a new final drive, but always follow the original machine manufacturers procedures where available. The advice we give is general and cannot consider all working conditions or any particular use.

1 - Check for oil leaks daily by walking around the machine.

A gear oil leak needs to be remedied as soon as possible. Hydraulic oil leaks come from either a leaking hose or a clogged case drain filter which are both more easily fixed than a gear oil leak. Although unlikely in a new drive, you can find more troubleshooting tips by clicking on final drive seal replacement and final drive troubleshooting.

2 - Tighten screws after 50 operating hours.

You may find this guidance on torque settings useful.

3 - First oil change after 50 operating hours.

4 - Check the oil level every 100 operating hours.

5 - Second oil change after 200 operating hours.

6 - Subsequent oil changes after 500 operating hours or at least once per year.

You will find more general final drive servicing tips here but it is important that you follow these specific guidance for your new drive to maximise its working life. Excessive noise or overheating should obviously be investigated as a matter of urgency.